Friday, December 28, 2012

lori made popovers!

I've been wanting to make some popovers ever since I saw them
on the Food Network recently.
So I bought a pan and decided to whip some up the other day.

These little sea-creature-looking things, which I topped with grated gruyere cheese,
 were SO YUMMY.
And so very easy.  VERY, VERY!

I literally took a plate of them, fresh from the oven, around the house
to give one to all my people.
They weren't quite as giddy as I was about them,
but they did agree that they were delicious!

And because I am way too lazy to type out the recipe,
you can go HERE to find it.

I will tell you though that a key hint of importance is for
all your ingredients to be warm.

Oh and you don't have to necessarily use a popover pan,
a cupcake pan will suffice!

And you don't have to top them with cheese...but wow, it's yummy.

Please let me know if you try these gems.
They are amazingly fabulous, straight out of the oven, once they are cooled
just enough to handle them.

Mmmmmmmm GOOD!

1 comment:

The Kings said...

LOVE popovers!
I will sometimes make them to go with roast beef, rather than yorkshire pudding.

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