Saturday, December 22, 2012


Okay,'s my life in a nutshell.

My little kids are so sick.
And just when I thought they were on the mend,
Isaiah's ear starting oozing stuff.


So I ran him to the walk-in clinic today,
only to wait for TWO FREAKING HOURS 
(good prep for Obamacare.  BLAH!!! $&^%^?#*?(@).
Turns out, the poor little man (Isaiah, not Obama, sadly),
has a bad ear infection...and it looks as though his ear drum ruptured.
Oh my WORD.
Honestly, the little fella has not ONCE complained of an ear ache.
I felt awful.
But he's on antibiotics now and he'll see the doctor again in a few days.

All the while, I'm still filling baking orders.
(NOT to worry, my dear sickly kiddos are completely
BANNED from the kitchen when I'm baking!!  
Everything is washed and sanitized in bleach.  It's all GOOD!).

And that's my life right now.

Over and out.


Vicky said...

I hope the littles get feeling better soon! I admire you making all those wonderful looking goodies!

Angie said...

I'm feelin' for ya. That nasty bug took a toll on our family this past week...only one child stayed healthy. Praying their all better (& you don't get it) ASAP!!

Rachel said...


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