Monday, November 19, 2012

this mothering thing

I really outdid myself this time, my friends.

After putting off a big ol' mega-shopping trip to Sam's for way too long,
I finally talked myself into going this morning.
Being that I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, I figured perhaps
I should have a few things on-hand for the people to eat.
(I'm the most gracious hostess you'll ever meet.)
(Just ask me.)

Anyway, part of my angst of going shopping (apart from the fact that I hate leaving my compound),
is hauling my little kids with me, knowing that a certain Mr. Someone is quite volatile.
I have a yet-to-be-figured-out amount of time before he loses all patience and
melts into a puddle on the floor.
And that's when I fall to the floor flailing.
It's a whole big mess and quite frankly, Lucy is sick and tired of it.

So anyway.

I had a grand idea.
From my master-list of things to buy,
I broke it down into two smaller lists:

Lucy's Shopping List
Isaiah's Shopping List

And gave it to them as we entered the store.

They were ECSTATIC!
Honesty, you would have thought I had just given them each a puppy & a pony.
Not even kidding.

They were large and seemingly in-charge!!

They carefully followed their lists 
(and btw, I strategically  put their lists together, making sure to put words that would teach them something),
crossing off their items as we went along.
And Lucy quickly turned it into a contest, saying that whoever got their items
crossed off first, would win.
She is her mother's daughter, I tell ya.

It worked so brilliantly, I amaze myself.

They begggged me to do it again sometime.


After six children, I'm starting to figure this mothering thing out.


Vicky said...

I love this idea. I sent Journey and Gavin after things in the Sam's! They were running to see who could get their first. It was a contest for sure!

Joanne Reddell said...

I've done this with my grandchildren.....problem is that they can't understand my printing so it's not quite as effective as your lists!!

Jean said...

What a GREAT idea!! YES! you are amazing!!

Now how can I apply this to my family??

Teams? Team red and team blue? Oh man, we are so on to something here!
(notice the we- I love taking credit!)

The crossing out thing is huge! I am just hoping team blue won't cry when team red wins!

Debby said...

Genius!!! Have a great Thanksgiving....

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