Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sweet dreams!

Well, good morning my sunshiney friends!

It's not even 4 AM and I am wide awake and ready to conquer the world!

Actually...the second part of that sentence is entirely false.
I am sitting on the couch like a blob.
Ready to conquer nothing.

Two nights in a row now I have awakened at precisely 2:37.

I blame this, and everything else negative in my life on my
The economy, the discord in the middle east,
the fact that I am out of dinner ideas....

It's all my hormones.

So, I am beginning to wonder if I am putting way too much stock
in the fact that the so called experts say we need
8 hours of sleep every night (lest we keel over and die.)

I'm beginning to wonder...if perhaps, the so called experts
are full of you-know-what.

If God wanted me to sleep for a full night, well...He would make that happen.

But here I am.

Awake, still.
At 3:58 AM.

And I am very hungry.
Very, very hungry.

All right, so...tell me, how many hours of sleep each night do YOU average??

(If you tell me 8-10, I WILL come find you and make you take me to an expensive lunch.)

But for now, 
I am going to raid my kitchen...then TRY to curl back up in bed,
and catch some zzzzz's before my alarm goes off.

Sweet dreams!


Sue Mom of Two said...

At MOST, 6 and 1/2, usually 5 to 5 1/2.

connie said...

Okay, friend, a couple of things. I can only muster between 5 to 6 hours of sleep each call me sometime and we'll have a 4 am party!
Next, I'm so gonna try the bowtie pasta tonight (as a side to my baked ham).
Finally, you are right on about fresh beef - nothing like it!!!! It's kind of like the difference between corn in a can and fresh corn from a rockin' farmer's field :) that's all for now.

Nancy said...

I have sleep issues too. Started taking melotonin and it works like a charm. Sweet dreams my sweet friend

jen said...

Oh gosh, we're definitely on the same page! The same sad page, I tell ya. That 2:30 insomnia only lasts for about 1 week/month for me... thankfully. And when it does, I just try to go with it. (I first found your blog thanks to hormonal insomnia!)

But, I gotta tel ya that progesterone cream is a real lifesaver. It takes the edge off and helps to make me a person that I (and my family) can live with.

To answer your question... 5-9 hours, depending on hormones and circumstances. And I would gladly buy you and expensive lunch because I'm sure it would be hilarious! ; )

Karin said...

It's all Bush's fault.

I second the suggestion to use melatonin. It really works for me.

Matt and Maria said...

Always 6, usually 7 at least. I never have a moment of trouble falling asleep, except....

I also have nights of insomnia that are hormone related where I know I shouldn't bother going to bed. I don't go to bed and fight it, I just stay up on "those nights" until I'm ready to drop. Since they are pretty rare, they don't have a huge impact, even if I get a very few hours of sleep.

Jean said...

I usually get 7 hours sleep but then need a night to catch up on my sleep. Last night was 9 hours- I feel great and like my children ;-)
Yesterday- not so much ;-)

Find me and let's have lunch! My treat!

I used melatonin in the past and it worked!
I did have many years of no sleep- I'm kinda past that time- whew

Katy said...

I guess you will be coming to hunt me down... I have to get at least 7-8 hours every night or I'm toast. Not sure how this will all workout when I become a parent (WAY IN THE FUTURE, I'm a newly wed...). I would love to take you out for lunch though!

Joanne Reddell said...

On average I sleep about 4-6 hrs each night. I haven't slept a full night in 2 years due to chronic pain. I'm working with 2 different doctors to remedy this.....cuz dang it I'm tired of not sleeping!!! Sleeping used to be one of my FAVORITE things to do, but now, not so much.

BTW, my husband uses melatonin also and he loves it!

Here's some good news for you...eventually the hormone situation usually calms down. Hang in there, my friend! ☺

Desiree' said...

sleep, what's that? I usually have maybe 3 good hours then lie awake with one eye open listening for the kids....

Natalie said...

I tend to go through spurts of waking up at 3 a.m. too. The peace and quiet in the house is nice until I can't function at about 3 in the afternoon!

I have to agree with those that recommended the melatonin. I get mine at Trader Joes. It works for me too.

Sean and Lisa said...

Oh my goodness...sleep?! Is that really necessary for life?! LOL! Well, I've went years and I do mean years without more than 3-5 hours a night. Now that we finally transitioned our youngest to his own bed in his own room I began getting a good 4 straight hours!! Praise GOD!! Alas it was short lived as I've just started an evening job that I work to 1AM so I'm back to the less is more scenario. :) And you know those bags under my eyes?? Permanent feature and hard earned. LOL!

Geesh, you mean just when I should be able to get some sleep I'll be dealing with hormones?! Lordy, give me strength.....:)

Jen said...

Ugh.........don't even get me started on sleep! 3:15. 3:15 every * stinkin* day!!! And yes, it is my hormones too! I use Melatonin and sometimes drink "Sleepy Time Herbal Tea". That was all BEFORE this last trip to China!!!!! I won't even go into that. You saw my desperate cries on FB. :-)) But thanks to my doctor and Trazadone, sleep visits each night.

Carolyn said...

You don't want to know because a lunch would not undo the damage. On the other hand, I have an underactive thyroid and my default for stress is to sleep. Put those together and...well, I get more sleep than you. BTW I am caring for my elderly parents, not kids.

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