Monday, October 15, 2012

hedge apples {an urgent update!}

Mercy be.

As a follow-up to yesterday's post,
I had to share with you the cutting-edge news I received.

When I read Kristi's comment about hedge apples
being all the rage on Pinterest,
my heart raced and I immediately leaped to my feet,
grabbed my bucket...and my camera and
went looking for any strays!
Because if it's on Pinterest, I will do it!
Or at least pin it.

I wasted no time on my endeavor.
(It's amazing the things I have time for when all my kids are in school.)

I found a little corner of our woods where the kids hadn't
picked up all the little green beauties.

I loaded them suckers up.

 Took a cute pic,
because really, who wouldn't.

Gave them a quick wash and set them decoratively with my lonely gourds.
It's divine!  
(Don't make fun of my gourds...they're a sorry mess, I do realize.)

And that's the end of my story.

Long live the hedge apples!

(K-Man is going to flip when he comes home to see these things in our house.!)


Janet said...

When we lived in Montgomery, there was a big tree in a park with those things. At Christmas, I cut fresh evergreen branches and made a garland/swag over my front door. I used "those things", wired them to the corners of my swag and added bows/ribbon and some sparkly red glitter balls. It was gorgeous, and the "things" lasted all thru the season! That was about 10 years ago...I'm so ahead of my time;)

Anonymous said...

Bloggy friend I do enjoy your blog and was totally inspired by your 5k so since it has finally cooled off in my world I decided to take a walk tonight and I have to say my knees are not a fan of your blog! I hope they like you better in the morning.:). Love the green thingys with the gourds. What do the hedges look like ?

Jean said...

I think they are so cool! I've never heard of them but love the texture and color! You are totally onto something here!

IF you sold them... I would buy them!!


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