Thursday, September 13, 2012

the perfect day!! {rantings, fire, and dumped pizza}

Today was perhaps the BEST day ever.
Weather-wise, anyway.



And here's what happened:

Nick dumped half his entire pizza on the bottom
of my already- filthy oven.

Actually, this wasn't today...
but the smell lingers on and on....and on.
And he's adorable, so I'll excuse him.

It was THE perfect day to throw all our pop cans
onto the driveway for K-Man to smash
with the tractor.

Have you ever seen a more manly man,
doing more manly things?
No, no you have not.

Then the littles picked them all up.

Then Lucy pooped out and
Isaiah picked up the slack.
He's very manly, just like his father.

Then, then, THEN...
later in the evening K-Man made a wonderfully
wonderful fire in the fireplace!!

With windows air pouring in,
we enjoyed a roaring fire.
OH, it smells and feels like pure heaven, I tell ya.
(Okay, the fire doesn't look roaring...but it was.)
(Don't question me...
or the poor photography of my husband.)

And THEN....after some experimentation,
I made some beautiful and delicious
Baked Chocolate-Espresso Doughnuts.


Oh, yes I did.

It's the least I could do after all my political ranting
on Facebook.

Recipes WILL eventually end up here,
don't worry.
But don't hold your breath.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday evening, people!


Karin said...

As sad as I am to see summer end, I AM enjoying the cooler weather. It's not cool enough for a fireplace fire yet, but almost. :)

See you tomorrow on FB. ha.

quilt'n-mama said...

We LOVED the weather yesterday too! The rain was amazing, we had windows open too... I am so ready for Fall!

Ok, now I am begging... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post all these baked donut recipes?!?!?!?

David and Janet Hurley said...

We're still swimming...I prefer this weather....but would love to have some of those donuts. I could eat one on the pool float=)

Chris said...

yeah, I found the pumpkin scones but those baked donuts have eluded me...chocolate espresso?! do tell!

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