Monday, September 10, 2012

keep my big yap shut

Well I've really painted myself into a corner this time.
Not only am I continuing to ignore
 the sourdough-starter-monster
in the corner of my kitchen,
this weekend at church I signed myself
up for a 5k run.

So now, on top of everything else
I have to do, I need to train.
Because my prideful personality will NOT
allow me to walk for one second
of that race.

I would rather die!

Oh, and a girl at church talked me into
coming to her Zumba class.

Mercy be.
I really do need to just mind my own
business and keep my big yap shut.

If you need me,
I'll be on my treadmill until Oct. 5.


Karin said...

bahaha...I think we were cut from the same cloth. :) My kids didn't think I could tread water for 45 min. at the pool last month and just to be a stink...I insisted on doing it. I predict that you will run every step of that 5k. :))

quilt'n-mama said...

Have fun, we have been doing more family runs and it is actually been a lot of fun- I should say Family fun walk/runs:) This weekend the kids did the RUn for Freedom in with daddy, mommy got to sit and watch because of surgery but they have the next one planned for me already so I'll be spending time on the treadmill too!

Anonymous said...

I'm running the 5K too!! But for Hope's Heart. See you then!

Heather Williams

Chris said...

Good going! I will stay in my house and not make any foolish promises...unless it is to challenge a certain someone to more accomplishments.

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