Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fun times, fun times

What a crazy day yesterday.

I'll briefly tell you about the very end of it first.
Nick broke his collar bone in his football game last night.
So not fun.

But before that,
Bill, Lynsay, K-Man, and I had a really fun-filled day:

We were so blessed to have a few hours just the four of us!
We were slightly to extremely-to-the-max excited.

We had a lovely lunch together.
Aren't they the cutest?

Then we went shopping.

And Bill tried on new clothing options.
This almost made him change directions in his ministry,
until he saw the price tag.
He then decided that being a plain-clothes orphanage director
was just fine.
(But I'm putting this on my Christmas list for him.)
(Shhhh, don't tell.)

Then he wrestled with a shopping cart.
He had a very busy day.

Then we reunited with the children and started making dinner.

Mercy, Adria, and Lucy.

Bill and Lynsay took charge and planned/cooked THE MOST AMAZING
Chinese dinner for us!
(I am going to adopt them.)

I helped with the jiao zi, ya'll!

And the kids jumped in and had a blast!

Gorgeous and delicious.

Thai Curry Chicken.
Delicious, folks.

The kids gobbled this up!

The sauce for our dumplings.
It was so yummy-yummy.

Tapioca something-er-other.
It was sooooo good, too!!!

That's it for now.

I'll be taking the Lewis' to the airport this afternoon.
We will be soooo sad!

Please be sure to check out their website and "like" their
Lots of updates and pictures and prayer requests!


Jean said...

You can't adopt them... I'm already on process!!

The meal looks fantastic!! And the kids are adorable! So are Mercy, Adria and Lucy! snicker snicker... that was quite witty of me! (and I'm not a witty person).

So sorry about Nick... what a bummer... Hope he is not in too much pain ;-(

Karin said...

No...I knew them first! They're mine! hahahahaha :) At the first picture of your dinner, I gasped out...Jiao zi!!! I"m SO JEALOUS! :) And way too lazy to make jiao zi myself. A Chinese friend offered to teach me...I declined. haha

So sorry about Nick. That is not good.

The McIntires said...

Looks amazing!

Kris said...

Will you share your dumpling dipping sauce?!! I have yet to find a good one! Sorry about Nicks collar bone! :(

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