Thursday, September 27, 2012

egg basket {homeschool moms}

Every Monday I load up a bunch of eggs to sell at
our homeschool enrichment classes.

It's a great set-up for me!

Because homeschool moms are THE best.
And stressed out, unraveled, and bug-eyed.
And Nascar has absolutely nothing on a home-educating mom,
whipping out of a parking lot in her mini-van, having
just dropped off her little darlings for the day.


this past Monday I was rushing around trying to get ready
to go and I asked K-Man to grab
the black laundry basket for me because that's what I use to
carry my eggs in.

To which he said,

" you're telling me that you're going to
put all your eggs in one basket?"


I love that man.

**Remember, I'm a homeschool mom.
And my days are filled with the humor of a five and six year old.
It doesn't take much to crack me up.
Or, just plain crack.

Good day to you!


Jean said...

This is hysterical!!

He's right!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

Very smart man!

Denise Miller said...

Okay I could be addicted to this blog, you CRACK me up girl.

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