Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a fun weekend ahead!

I'm sooooo excited to tell you what's happening here this weekend!

Our great friends Bill & Lynsay (and their daughters)
are staying at our house for the weekend!

I cannot wait to visit, LAUGH, and have a blast with them! 

Bill, Lynsay, and their girls.


We haven't seen them since 2009 when we adopted Macy...

Here's a pic of Corrie and me at Starbucks.
She's the sweetest little thing!
And has grown a ton since this pic.
AND she's up for adoption!!!
I'm so stoked about that.

I'll have lots to post about!

In the mean time, check out their website!


Tesseraemum said...

I keep trying to work out a way to go over for Chinese New Year to work and love on some babies but a crisis always manages to knock out my hopes!
Pray I can go THIS year!


Sally-Girl! said...

I won't say neener neener that we got to see them first!!!

Seriously, you guys are going to have a blast. We love all four of them!!!

quilt'n-mama said...

Oh, I wish I was going to be that way this weekend to say hello so say it for me!!! The kids and I are headed to Fort Riley for a few days, a little closer but not that close:( Hope you have a blast with them!

Chris said...

Hmph! they always leave BJ just as I'm fixing to visit...

Cari said...

that is so cool! i look forward to reading about your weekend together. i'm sure you all will have lots of laughs :)

Holly said...

YAY! Have an awesome time!!

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