Wednesday, August 15, 2012

we made it through summer {whew!}

School's in!

Wootie woot-woot!

Brenden is going back to college.
Nick, Macy, and Eli are going to public school.
(Although Nick is doing a couple subjects at home.)

And my littles are being homeschooled.

But two whole days a week they go to
 homeschool enrichment classes.
Which really equates to,

They love it!
I love it!
The world is a better place now.

And my little fella is working hard.
(When he wants to.)

And Lucy, being Lucy,
is always ready to control the entire universe help.

We made it through summer.
And the earth is back on its axis.

Can you sense my sigh of relief and my
ear-to-ear grinning?


Anonymous said...

While I only have 1/2 the number of your clan....I can totally get your euphoria. Sometimes you just gotta have some space... :) I ship my kids off to school in a couple of weeks and my oldest who I have been homeschool/cyber schooling is going back 1/2 days so I am excited to have to only cover 2 subjects with her. And I'm happy to report that all my kids survived Summer "vacation". Now I need to be sent to camp for a week or something--lol.

Chris said...


Then I have about 8 weeks till I have a 2 y.o.! WHAT was I THINKING!?

Karin said...

hahahaha...I am actually dreading back to school because then I have to become responsible and get up at the crack of dawn. :)

Rachel said...

I heart Lucy's t-shirt & Isaiah's overalls :)

Dawn said...

I am also in love with Home school Enrichment/Sanity day.

On Tuesday, when one of my younger ones was home and being stubborn I kept whispering...he'll be gone tomorrow...he'll be gone tomorrow.

I have also recently discovered Johnson County Community College and did you know they also provide SANITY for home schooling moms? It's true!


Cari said...

We have two more weeks until I have 5 out of 6 kids in school! Counting down the days...hours...minutes ;)

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