Thursday, August 30, 2012

once a month shopping?

Do you ever walk away from the grocery store
saying to yourself,
"THIS time, I got everything I will need to feed 
my ravenous family of eight for a good long time."
"THIS time I have finally mastered the
"THIS time, I got this."

Well that's what I said to myself last night.
In the last week I've spent 800 dollars* at
Walmart and wrapped up my shopping last night
at Sam's, spending a thrifty $5,000*.
We should be set for a good 4-5 days.
(*Insert Exaggeration font) 

And speaking of Sam's Club,
I almost ran over a lady in the parking lot.
On purpose.
How can a seemingly normal person,
carrying only a mega-jug of orange juice,
walk down the middle of the parking lot aisle,
and not sense the presence of a
ginormous Suburban, engine revving, nipping at her heels?
She had no idea the kind of day
I had had...and she gambled with her life
taking that kind of risk.

Lucky for her, I had restraint.
Which may not happen next time.

Let that be a warning to everyone.

(And I won't even bother to tell you how 
judgmental my glare was when I saw an old
Asian woman shopping, 
wearing workout shorts and high-heels.)

People, I need help.
I'm having a hard time accepting the
quirkiness of others. 

So on that happy note,
I'd really like to know.....
is there anyone out there who really
does only go grocery shopping once a month?
Is that at all possible?
I'm talkin', hard-core-once-a-month shopping.
No stops in between.
Is it possible?

(I think we can all agree that Lori needs
to stay home as much as possible.)



Tesseraemum said...

Maybe we can have a real life seminar because just talking about it is NOT going to cut it! I have to have hands on real experience with a mentor. I will also have to have a locked room in which to keep the food. I have grazers and creators in my house who will use whatever they find to make a fabulous snack. No matter that we needed that pound of spaghetti noodles for an actual meal!

Joanna said...

I don't go once a month (don't have room for 14 gallons of milk at a time), but I am a diehard every two weeks shopper. Maybe two or three times a year I have to run to the store down the street to pick up something, but that's it. Saves my sanity!

Faye Verquer said...

I go weekly for our family of 8 (and my in home daycare). I just cannot imagine spending 5,000. at Sams...did you buy the entire store?!! WOW. I never have that amount all at one time to spend! However I am about 200-250. per week at Walmart, everyone I know cannot stand that store, I however cannot pass on the prices. I don't like the "junk" I hear about Walmart but I cannot find the prices I find there anywhere else. SO They get a big chunk of my weekly grocery bill. I did break it up into 2 grocerys this past week but still spent the same!

Once a Month...thats for those old retired couples who dont eat much and just sit around all day!!!!


Natalie said...

I feel as if your blog is a comical biography of my life. I can so relate to the constant grocery shopping! I'd be happy with one trip to a food source a week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, just wanted to share an
interesting blog with you. it is lady lives in Idaho, has bio-adult children, grandchildren, adopted children from different countries. She is country living like you. Loves to save money. On the blog, right hand side is a section called "What interests you?" press "frugality" and that part talks about her monthly and semi monthly shopping trips and tips. There is so much more to her
blog in case it is new to you...
hope you can gain some ideas from
another country,vancouver,wa.,ps. I am having trouble publishing my comment!..I can't seem to read the "word" correctly on the robot thingy?????

David and Janet Hurley said...

I do, sortof. 1x month--Aldi. My menu is for one month of dinners, breakfast and lunch repeat each week. Ya know Aldi doesn't have it all, and can be undependable, so I then go to WM 1x a month (same or next day). I use any expiring coupons and get most all toiletries at WM too.
Then we get pizza combos for supper that night at Sam's and buy 2 weeks of Sam's stuff---so we almost do once a month shopping.
Why I started it??? Because I absolutely loathe WM, and can only bring myself to go 1x a month.

Holly said...

Here I am, literally LOL'ing again. Just picturing the Asian lady in shorts and high heels, and you glaring at her. Oh, I love it. : )

Shopping once a month??? Well, I would say I would need, like, 4 carts. So, I would need 4 of us shopping. I don't see that happening in this lifetime.

Adrian Roberta said...

...well I can't do once a month cuz we need to restock milk and produce weekly. HOWEVER I highly recommend that whole buying a whole cow thing....and many chickens and other meat from those awesome independent Farmers (not live animals) and filling filling your deepfreeze . When we do that......I don't need meat for 12 full months! And if it's an free range farm, those cows taste great!!!

Chris said...

We hit sam's once a month and WM or some other discount store every week. I just can't store enough of stuff to make it once amonth unless we just eat a smaller variety of food...ya know that sounds like a good idea.
It's good we don't have a Sams that close or I would go much more often.

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