Tuesday, July 17, 2012

zoo with patty

In the planning stages of Patty's visit I said to her,
via email,
"Don't worry...I won't drag you around the zoo
in this weather!"

To which she said,
"Oh my gosh, we would LOVE to go to the zoo!!!"

To which I said,
"Oh GREAT, okay, we will go to the zoo then!"

To which I now say,
"You STUPID STUPID IDIOT! Why would you
drag anyone to the zoo in this weather?"

I did.

Yes, that's what I did.

Ok so, here are our zoo pictures.
I am pretty sure it was 127+ degrees.
Hell will be more pleasant.
(Not really)
And we were pretty heavily grumpy about
7 minutes into it.

Just saying.

But we were pretty adorable anyway.

Take a look.

This is Patty and me when we escaped to
the funny farm in Maui.
Don't be jealous.

And the look on Macy's face pretty much sums
up how ridiculous we felt
for going to the zoo on such a day.

We will never ever EVER go to the Topeka zoo
in July for as long as we live.

You can count on that.

And we will not talk about this experience
again from this moment forward.


Rebecca said...

Hi Lori!
I just gotta ask... WHO is Patti??? You talk like we (your bloggie friends) know her, but I'm a newbie here;)
Anyhoo...Looks like she's a terrific friend...only a terrific friend would put up with that kind of WARM hospitality! Ha! See, your humor is starting to rub off on me:)

Holly said...

HI! I am catching up after a few days of missing your blog. And WE are planning on going to the zoo tomorrow! But, now after reading this post, I am wondering if God is trying to tell me something. Hmmmmm....

So glad you are having a blast with Patti!

Holly said...

Oops..I mean PattY. (Just in case she is annoyed by people who spell her name wrong.)

Adrian Roberta said...

LOL, well I'm sure you're all sportin' awesome tans though from that day!

....or heatstroke....


Rachel said...

sounds like our travel group zoo day in Guangzhou when it was like 100 degrees & 99% humidity...our kids literally cheered when we saw the exit sign! good times!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Cute shirt=), but yeh, you're officially crazy.

Karin said...

As one who has done similarly stupid things in HOT weather (like...how about going to the Plymouth Plantation when it's 100 degrees so we can see how the pilgrims lived? Newsflash...pilgrims had no A/C and wore wool year round), I can sadly relate. Sorry for for the run-on sentence. :)

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