Monday, July 16, 2012

larry the lizard {and patty}

Yesterday we went to the zoo,
I mean, pet store.

It was quite the adventure.

A quirky little old woman working there
practically threw this rat at Lucy
to hold.
I was breaking into a full sweat
that Lucy would immediately hurl the
poor little (and disgusting and vile) rodent
right off of her.
Instead, she handled it with much grace.

As did Isaiah.

Then after a stern lecture from the quirky little old woman
working at the pet store about how to handle a hamster,
they got to play with them.
With a little less fear and trepidation than
the rats.

Hermit crabs.

what happened next was
the mother of all pet store experiences.

A little bitty lizard, we'll call Larry,
fell madly in love with Patty.

They chatted for quite some time,
Patty reassured him that his life would
be full and lovely without her.
He couldn't grasp how that could possibly be true.

Tough love is, well, tough.
And we moved on,
leaving Larry alone with his thoughts.

The End.

Oh, but today...
we are going to the REAL zoo.

Stay tuned.

I can only imagine whose heart Patty will
break there.


Debby said...

Was there an official warning (that I missed) that you two would be tearing it up together this week??!!
Have FUN!!!!!

Shonni said...


Hezra said...

im guessing the monkeys. but its just a guess. lol

Jean said...

Oh Fun! I'm surprised you didn't come home with some type of critter! If course then you probably would have fed it to another larger critter and then served it to Patty for dinner!

Hey- it's just the food chain! No big deal!

(We set Tuck the turtle free... between you and me I'm thinking he was near death anyways...)

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