Saturday, June 2, 2012

then and now.

So...over the years, we've had to
move a couch or two.

And our method is quite handy.

We have a 6-wheeler ATV that hauls just about
anything and everything.

gawdy couches.
And children.

Here is K-Man, Nick and Brenden...
about 14 years ago.

And me!

Fast forward.
We had a couch to move out of our basement last week.
And my big boys remember the earlier picture
and insisted I take another pic:
They've grown just a bit.
And are every bit as ornery.
Or more so.
Oh, so more so.
And in case you were wondering,
yes, I did get mooned just after this pic.

My life.
It's awesome.
And never-ending craziness.


Jean said...

I wanna see the moon pic!

yep... I do...

Lovin the cute little boy pics and well... kinda lovin the hairy, stinky, smelly big boy pics...

Holly said...

Love it!! The pics, the kids, the post. : ) I think you needed to get up on that couch this time too!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

...bahahahaha. Of course you got mooned. I need to come visit you all!

Karin said...

Ok--that is hysterical! And it makes me realize how much I miss reading about your boys' antics. Brendan needs to come home more often!! :)

connie said...

wow, i love it! how those boys have grown up - i think :)

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