Tuesday, May 1, 2012

spontaneous and reckless

So the other afternoon when K-Man and I went
to buy some plants for our garden and other things,
we noticed some ginormous
tomato plants.

Stood in awe, we did.

Because...our little tomato seedlings at home that we
planted about six weeks ago are...
a tad bit smaller, shall we say, in comparison.

We had to shake ourselves from
the hypnotic trance they had us in though,
and move on.

We made our purchase,
got in the car...
and before K-Man could even get the
key in the ignition he said,
"Let's go buy a couple of those tomato plants, want to?"

Me, thinking how unfrugal that was.
Paying all that money for one plant when
I could buy several packages of seeds,
which would, in theory, give me a gazillion
more tomatoes.

But, being that it was just my man and me,
I felt a rush of recklessness.

"Yes," I said.

"Let's go buy one...no, let's buy two."

It was a spontaneous and juvenile spending-spree.
I felt so naughty.

Here they are.

Yes, Isaiah is growling.
He's very manly that way.

And here, for your comparative entertainment,
are my seedlings.

They're very sad and pitiful.
But I have high hopes for them anyway.
I'm a glass-full kind of gal.

A seasoned gardener, I am not.
Well...I am, sort of.



quilt'n-mama said...

WOW! You will be having fresh tomatoes in no time! I am just hoping for tomatoes this summer, it was too hot here last summer for our tomatoes to produce, they survived and I wasted a ton on water and never picked a tomato!

We are excited about this year though, we have tomatoes, peppers, peas, carrots, potatoes and a few other things planted and growing well.

Then I made myself some nifty raised beds out of 2x12s and today we are planting one as a strawberry bed, another as an herb garden and aspargus bed... I can't wait!

I will be up your way for a graduation in a few weeks, not sure how much time we will have. Then I am hoping to be there is June for a day or two, our friends' with the cabin who are missionaries will be in the area and I am hoping to see them.

Debby said...

Wow! Those a HUGE!!!! We have 6 tomato plants planted...a couple with a few blooms on them already. I can't wait to see what you do with all of your surplus veggies. I see a lot of tomato recipes showing up on your blog in about 6 weeks....

Can't wait!!!

Karin said...

Seriously? Those things are HUGE. I have never seen any tomato plants like that in my life. I didn't even know they could grow that high. Maybe that is because mine always get attacked by worms before they get a foot tall....

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