Monday, May 14, 2012

cheap quantity

Do you ever just feel like you're in an awful funk?
Oh man.
That's how I've been feeling lately.
I hate that!

I have too much to do to be weighed down
by such crud.

Pray for me, would you?

In the mean time, I'll put on my sassy pants
and press on.

Completely unrelated to the above,
I need some suggestions.

My kids love, LOVE, to draw, color, cut out shapes, etc. etc.

We go through copy paper like toilet paper.
And let me tell you,
we go through a lot of toilet paper.
Hence the septic tank blockage.
Don't get me started on that again.

I'm on the hunt for a big roll of white paper.
I remember my mom buying one when we were kids
and we used it and used it and used it.
I don't know that we ever got to the end of it,
despite our immense creative use.
Oh golly, were we ever creative!

tell me your ideas!

I need CHEAP.
And I need QUANTITY.

I know I can count on you.
Y'all are wonderful.

Thank you for being you.

**I have no idea why my font changes suddenly,
It drives me so crazy!
Just ignore it.
Thank you.


katie said...

If you have a local newspaper, sometimes they sell the ends of the rolls when there is not enough left for another run. Load up the kids and go down there and ask... with your sassy pants on!

Susan A said...

I just arrived from having a cheap haircut, only $15, and when I saw your post title, it made me think of my latest haircut. Then I realised, "quantity" not "quality"... oh. :) sorry if this comment is totally random :) hope the Lord blesses you with joy unspeakable inside to go through whatever life throws you (always with His permission). :)

AfterGirl said...

Art supply store, butcher paper at a restaurant supply store, IKEA

Carol said...

Roll ends from printers or sometimes places like FedEx Kinkos. Also, there is a teacher supply store in Denver called RAFTS, it's connected with the business community-- businesses donate stuff, including giant rolls of paper, then RAFTS sells them cheap. I don't know if it's a nationwide thing, but I love that place and get great deals on all kinds of office supply kind of stuff.

Chris said...

Well, they all gave you my suggestions.
Now about the funk...try chocolate covered coffee beans.

Seriously, will keep you in my prayers.

Jean said...

I checked it out on am*zon a while ago- I think it it's cheaper just to go with the least expensive computer paper... I know... I'm not help at all...

Saying prayers for you.

Susan said...

I bought some rolls of paper recently for a banquet. The cheapest I found was postal wrap paper at Staples. Much cheaper than the rolls of craft paper. Don't get it over by all the other paper, go over to the section with all the postal items.

Our Faith Walk said...

sam's club

Jen said...

Check with your local newspaper. They really may give you one or sell you one cheap. My hubby's workplace will sell one for $5, so you might find a place in your area who will do the same. :)

Holly said...

Praying for you, Lori!!

Mom2Six said...

I go "dumpster diving" in the recycle cans at work and let the kids use the recycled printer paper. Since we homeschool, I also use a lot of the recycled paper for printouts. I make sure we recycle again when we are done.

Anonymous said...

I "get it" about the funk. And I have WAAAAAYYY to much to be doing to be in this funk. It is hateful. UGGH. So, can we exchange prayers? I'm serious. -christal

Difference2This1 said...

We go through computer paper like mad also. I keep having to tell them- COMPUTER PAPER IS NOT SCRATCH PAPER!!! Littlest girl is the worse- no matter where I hide it, she finds it. Sometimes I hide it then I can't find it. I'm glad to see many ideas left on alternate sources of filling their artist needs. Thank you :) Blessings, Jennifer

Madeleine said...

Oh. Dear Friend. I know that feeling. I will be praying.

And as far as paper. IKEA IKEA IKEA. Super cheap roll of paper, and you can even buy an easel for...what $15. Give or take. We have one and it is sturdy and useful.

Oh wait, you live in the sticks. Do you even have an IKEA near you??

Tesseraemum said...

Praying for you!
I don't have any paper suggestions. My husband brought a box of copy paper home. (Not cheap)We are down to 3 reams so when you find a good place to get a roll let me know. Sheri

angie said...

We get our paper at a paper supply store where they sell restaurant supplies. It is not much for a roll... Use junk mail for them to cut shapes out of to glue or tape on the paper. :)
This "funk" thing must be nation wide.... I have been in it for a few weeks... :(

jen said...

I'm an artist and I don't even know where to get that paper! We used to have one that we got from a random warehouse store. We never got to the end of it, either.
As for the funk, I feel ya. Try progesterone cream. It's a lifesaver!

Kelly Marriott said...

IKEA. They even have a paper roller you can put it on and cut/tear off. They also have an easel that takes the paper. We stock up often.

The restaurant supply store also sells it.

Debby said...

We have a very large roll of butcher paper that my sister in law picked up at a garage sale. I know that helps you NOT...but my arty girls have been on that same roll for 3 years now. It was THAT huge!

Is it possible for adupts to get mono....I'm exhausted all the time lately. No energy at all....ugggg

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