Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday on our homestead

It was such a lazy Sunday.
It rained.
It thundered.
It was cool.
And it was most pleasant.

I made a big batch of veggie-beef soup
and whole-wheat french bread.

It was the perfect lunch for a day such as this.

Rough recipe:
(Rough because...I have no recipe)
Brown some seasoned beef stew meat in a little oil.
Throw in a little water...1 cup or so?
Let is simmer for...15 minutes.
Start cutting up veggies and throw them in the pot.
Whatever you have on-hand.
Green beans
3-4 cans of tomatoes.
I always puree them because I have
picky eaters who can't tolerate
tomatoes in-tact.
*See the person below.
Oh, and throw in a few bay leaves, too.
Oh, and a dozen dashes of hot sauce.

And some barley for added whole-grain goodness.
(I got complaints about this...but I don't care)
Let it all simmer for 30+ minutes.

All the while,

And K-Man put clothes pins on himself to
entertain me while I cooked.
We are so perfect for each other, are we not?

(He WILL kill me for posting this pic)
(I don't care)

Then a put the leftovers in jars to freeze for another rainy day.
And K-Man took his clothes pins away,
to save for another rainy day.

We love rainy days.

Then we snuck out to run down to the little
country store, just K-Man and me,
to buy some chicken feed, pine shavings, and veggie plants.

It was so dreamy and romantic and picturesque.
Only, I don't have pictures.

I hope you all had a lovely rainy weekend, too!


Karin said...

You are a NUT! :) Good luck getting K-Man to forgive you for posting that photo. :)

Chris said...

He lets you close to the camera when he is doing crazy stuff...? He fully expected you to post that...


Our Sunday was crazy busy...not restful...I will rest tomorrow between loads of laundry

Susan said...

ummmm recipe for your rainy day soup please?? :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

Nope. Only sunshine on our homestead this weekend. I know, because my seed planting obsession has me more than three hundred tomato plants to water when the sun is shining in my little greenhouse that is so full there is not place to step anymore. Well, maybe we are at three hundred tomato plants now that I was able to sell 6 of them today!

If he doesn't want it posted he shouldn't let you get that close with the camera. Funny!

Holly said...

That actually really does sound wonderful! But I am picturing this quiet, serene kind of day (the serenity only being interrupted by the clothespins, which just proves how fun you all are...) Were the children quietly reading in their rooms on this rainy day? Or doing crafts at the kitchen table together? Because that is what I am picturing. I hope it went something like that for you!

Heather said...

I love your recipe! It is how I cook as well :-) Throw things together and it usually turns out great. Of course I am trying to figure out how to pass on my favorite recipes to my daughter when there isn't a recipe to start with...I guess I have a bit of time to figure it out since she is just going to be 4 :-)

Susan A said...

your veggie-beef soup looks delish and my mouth is already watering when you mentioned whole-wheat french bread... (and I'm a vegetarian!)

loved the yummy pics and K-man is so brave with the clothes pin... I can't do it because it'll make my upper eyelids/eyebrows go even more wrinklier! :)

thank you so much for sharing the receipe :)

Debby said...

You guys are perfect for each other. He saw you take that pic...he fully expects to be your cover model today....LOL...

Wonderwoman said...

Buying chicken feed - dreamy and romantic? I know how you feel. Anytime it's just the two of us, it's dreamy and romantic no matter where we go.

Thanks for the soup recipe!

Julie said...

Don't you just love it when you create a recipe using what you have on hand? Thanks for sharing the silly photo of K-Man :-)

Tara said...

I have some people with texture issues too, we can't do chunks so I use stewed tomatoes!


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