Tuesday, March 27, 2012

little {big} lucy-bug

Our little Lucy-bug is growing up so fast.
I can hardly stand it!

On Monday she went to have her first cavity filled.
Well, the first one where she wasn't FULLY sedated.
The last time we tried this (unsedated),
she slithered out of the chair and melted onto the floor
before the dentist could even stick his mirror
in her mouth for a look-around.
She cried.
I cried.
The dentist cried.
It was a mess.

But this time was different.

She was brave.
She didn't waiver.
She sat there like a big girl.

I was so proud of her!

And then today she held her very first tiny newborn baby.
Like she was a big girl or something.
My dear friend Angela had a baby girl a few weeks ago
and today we finally got to meet her!

Lucy was so smitten.
She talked about her long after we left.
And as if the conversation about how she got out of her
Mama's tummy wasn't previously discussed (fully) enough,
we almost bounced into the discussion of
Call me a coward, but I darted the subject completely because,
at the end of a very long day...I simply wasn't up to
explaining God's main intent for our boobies with a six year old.

And on that note,
I wish you a lovely evening.

The End.


Angie said...

Sounds like Lucy would love a baby sister. :)

Eva McLeod said...

Lori, I am blog lurker and I just love to read what you have written. Well my Grandson put it all into perspective when we asked him what we needed to get for his new sister and he promptly told me that she needed a bed, diapers and boobs. The boobs got me to questioning him and he told me that "Nana don't you know that is how the baby eats and she would starve if they didn't have boobs". Gotta love the thinking of a 4 year old.

Eva McLeod from Little Rock, AR

Jean said...

WE let the neighbor children tell all!!

Yep- we're cowards!!

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