Tuesday, March 20, 2012

epic agricultural skills

Oh, golly.

It took me forever to get to sleep last night.
So now I'm all sleepy and fussy.
And there's all these people here who need me to
get them off to school and work.
So here I am.
But my big mug of coffee is half-gone...so it's just a matter
of minutes before I come alive.

I had planned to do a gardening post.
But with my brain being fuzzy right now,
I think I will just do a quick survey to find out what ya'll
are doing this summer, growin' vegetables and all.
Then we'll talk about it more later.

Sounds good?

Feel free to comment.
I do know how some of you simply can't keep quiet
about your epic agricultural skills.
And rightfully so.
Please, tell Auntie Lori all about it.

Look to the right on the sidebar for my survey, K?


Joy said...

I am planting:

Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato
Sweetie (red) Cherry Tomato
California Wonder Pepper
Tomatillo Verde
Italian Pole Bean
Nardello Sweet Pepper
Lemon Cucumber (lemon refers to the way they look, not taste)
Cumcumber Mici (Asian)
Black Turtle Beans

I expect the garden to yield at least three green beans and a cucumber. :-P

Tesseraemum said...

WOW! Joy gardens the way I do!
Plant it ALL and pray for enough green beans for one meal!!

I just read an article about artisan cheeses and thought of you!
How much room do you have? Can you handle a herd of dairy cows?!

Tell your husband I'm sorry, I couldn't resist planting that seed!! HEE!

Kristi said...

We farm around 3000 acres - corn & soybeans. What my husband is unsuccessful growing - grass (yard will be seeded this week by somebody else), carrots (they never come up even though he's insisted on planting them the past 4 years), sweet corn (1 acre of sweet corn which yields about 4 years - two years it didn't pollinate, another year it just didn't come up). This summer we will be headed back to China so we've decided to buy our veggies from the farmer's market.

Chris said...

The critters have a head start on us, so we plant and hope they leave us at least 2 tomatoes...they usually let us have the hot peppers.
I want to try the asian cucumbers too, but the vine borers are awful..the produce dept has them year round for 99 cents.
If we would cut down a bunch of trees maybe we would have a chance...

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