Wednesday, February 1, 2012

take that!

Somebody, come rescue me!!

I'm muddling through payroll tax reports, blah, blah, blah!
I can't tell you how inadequate I am in all things administrative.
It is maddening.

I'd much rather be our peddling my delicious Ezekiel bread
that I just pulled out of the oven.

Please come to my house and buy some.
Cash only, please.
Take that, Johnny IRS.

Just kidding, of course.



Rachel said...

be there in a day or 2...i"ll bring the coffee & a calculator

Anonymous said...

Very funny...

Karen said...

The bread looks yummy!!! Have you posted the recipe? I'd love to make it, although I doubt mind would look that good:-)

Cari said...

ok...don't hate me...but i LOVE doing our taxes!! i went to a vocational school in the afternoons of my jr and sr years in high school for accounting and then obtained my associate degree in accounting while working in the accounting dept at a plastics company, which helped me realize that i didn't want the stress of an accountant so i got my bachelor's in business management and then stayed home to have babies! that was 15 yrs ago. How naive i was to think that staying home would be less stressful than being an accountant? didn't know as much as i though i did in my early twenties. anyways, i love doing anything numbers related...taxes, bank recs, bills...i know i must have been dropped on my head as a baby. :)

Jean said...

UGH- third time trying to comment! It's just not my day!

anyways... what I said was...

Ya better say JK or they may come and arrest ya!

or even worse- Audit you!

Bread looks delicious!!

Madeleine said...

How can you show that bread and not include a recipe??!!??!!??




A few years ago we got ourselves an accountant and haven't looked back. Granted he gets a few thousand dollras of our money, still, I do not have to figure out the 48 pages that need to be filled out through out and at the end of the year, not including the NJ forms. :P ( yes, last year's forms were 48 pages worth of a headache. I don't think they were in Englsih. And the instructions if I was doing it myself? about 200 pages worth.) ( I think I would rather get shot in the foot, thank you)

Anyway, PM me and let me know how much you sell those babies for. They look yummy!

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