Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bologna and hot sauce

Lucy has discovered more common ground with her father.



They are quite the pair, those two.

Bologna and Frank's Hot Sauce sandwich
after church the other night.

She is forever ruined, food-wise.


Mom2Six said...

Don't worry, she'll probably outgrow it. I ate bologna like my dad growing up, but I can't stand the stuff now.

Jennifer said...

Teehee! I love the pictures!

Rachel said...

uh...is that WHITE bread?!!

Madeleine said...

Bologna? I don't think I have ever bought that.

But once, someone told me it was a flat hot dog!! lol.

And Frank's hot sauce is John's favorite. It is about as hot as he can do being an american/irishman. HE gets all watery eyed, and runny-nosed. Poor guy. My dad finds it amusong. lol.

Jean said...

Well- I was looking for a light post and of course I found it right here!

Bologna and hot sauce! Only you dear friend, only you!!

and yes, I agree, YUCK but if it's a daddy daughter connection who can argue with that!

Chris said...

Hmm that would probably go over well at this house...esp the chips

Serving the King said...

Ummmmm....ewe. Errrr....yuck. I'm pretty sure ewe is a female sheep. Gotta go now, trying to drink my coffee with Cocunut Creme coffee creamer whilst reading about bologna and hot sauce sandwiches makes me a teensy wittle bit nauseous.

Debby said...


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