Friday, December 30, 2011

i'm a mess

So yesterday morning around 11:00 my mom came over for a visit.
We had coffee, I cut her hair, then she took Macy shopping for a few hours.

They got back to our house later in the afternoon and my mom said to me,
"OH. You haven't gotten dressed yet?"

"Yes, I'm dressed...this is the outfit I picked out for today!"

Cute tee-shirt with flannel pajama bottoms.
Hello, comfort!

She really did teach me better than that.
Like the time when I was about 16 and she was shocked
that I was going out on a date (with K-man) and my toenails
weren't polished, even though I was wearing sandals.
I knew better.

I've just gone off the deep in in rebellion.

I'm a mess.


Madeleine said...

:::gasping::: wait...WE HAVE THE SAME MOM??!!??!!

Jennifer said...

Girl, if you're a mess...I'm a WRECK! :) hee hee...I've been in glorified pj's for two weeks! comfy clothes! :) Back to the real world in a few days.

Holly said...

Don't tell her I did not get out of my jammies all day long. Well, I wasn't going anywhere! I did put on a hoodie over my top. I was cold, after all.

Jean said...

Lori, Lori, Lori yes, you are a mess! Get some clothes on!! You're poor Momma is wondering where she went wrong!

You really need to be more like me! And wear the same jeans for 7 days in a row! I put a new shirt on everyday unless I folded the one from the day before really nice... then I wear it again!


There ya have it! Something to aspire to!

Faye Verquer said...

Gee..Im thinking we are all in the same "MESS"! I wear my jeans over and over again, today I put on sweats and I have no desire to do anything different tomorrow (my last day "off"!) So maybe its a big family trait for Moms to be "messy" but hey our kids sure do look GREAT!!

Love you Lori, you keep me going!


Karin said...

I'm with Jean...wear the same jeans over and over. And now that I left all my clothes in Ohio, I have very few shirts to wear either.

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