Monday, December 5, 2011

brenden's fundraising efforts

Just a little housekeeping:

I have heard from many of you regarding my blog header.

I know, I know, I know...
you don't have to remind me that it needs to be changed.

I know that it is two kids short.

And please don't read into it that something is wrong.

Things have been going quite well here recently.

The fact is,

And secondly,
I was waiting to change it to a family pic,
which we finally got when Brenden was home over Thanksgiving.

I have sent it to my dear and gracious friend Mandi,
who is my blog designer extraordinaire,
and she is going to change it soon.
(Go check out Mandi's blog...she's doing a great fundraiser
to bring her daughter home from China!)

So, not to worry!

But we have bigger concerns here.

Brenden just texted me with this:

"Wanna start a donation thing on your blog to raise
money for a polar bear head? ;D"

This is what I'm dealing with, folks.

And you think I have time to fiddle with my blog design?

While the above mentioned college student should be
worried about paying for, gosh I don't know, COLLEGE,
he is saving his pennies for a polar bear head to put on his
dorm wall.

Save me now.


Karin said...

Bahahahaha... Tell him to get a stuff animal polar bear and figure out how to remove the head and stick it to the wall. Or cut a hole in the wall and just stick it through. Snicker...

Holly said...

Once again, I am very literally laughing out loud. :D How old is he again? Because our Cassandra is still single....

Joanne Reddell said...

Bahahahaha!!!! Never a dull moment in your family!!!

Debby said...

Too funny Lori....I can't wait to read all about the Christmas break at your house. You are going to have so much GREAT material. Project 2012...Book Deal....!!

Tesseraemum said...

HA! I was Thinkin you needed more pics up there but I'm just too polite to call you out on it! You're Welcome!
I have to tell you about going to an art fair with my mom and one of her friends years ago. My mom said to pick ANYTHING at the fair and she would get it for me for Christmas... I didn't have to think about it! I wanted this 6 foot pink metal flamingo! She said ANYTHING but the flamingo..I mean come on. That was just mean. My mom's friend very matter of factly informed me that it was because she was afraid it would end up in my front yard not in my living room. She had crushed her son and daughter in law by refusing to buy a huge giraffe sculpture for just the same reason. Why do I share this tragic story that happened 20 years ago? Because you REALLY need to get the polar bear for Brenden! If you poo-poo his creative spirit it will squash his spirit and he will be scarred for life, just like me!! Plus, he won't let you forget it! Trust me!! Another incentive is... Your grandchildren will be normal. The more wierd stuff he does the more his children will rebel by being "normal". I know this for a fact ... My kids are going to be upstanding citizens just because they watch me doing wierd things like sawing holes in the wall for fairy doors while wearing bunny ears. They hold their breath and shake their head. Its all they can do! When they grow up they are going to have "normal" pictures on their walls and their houses are not going to look like the house in the cat in the hat movie. Whatever. Sheri

Jean said...

Your blog header is in the same category as my closets... I get to it someday!

Love Brenden and his antics! He is so entertaining! Hmmmm, where did he get that from? I wonder?

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