Thursday, December 15, 2011

bread for sale!

Freshly milled grains,
made immediately into bread.

Behold the goodness.

"Once the kernel of wheat is broken open, however, as in milling, the protection of the bran is gone and many of these nutrients, now exposed to oxygen, are lost by oxidation. In fact, once milled, as much as 45% of the nutrients are oxidized, in the first day alone. In 3 days, just 72 hours later, 90% of the nutrients are lost, all to oxidation alone and none to the sifting of the bran and germ."

Source: "Bread Beckers" Go visit their site
to read the rest of the article.
It's fascinating!

The more research I do,
the more shocked I am by the nutritional goodness
in freshly-milled grains.
And how horribly depleted of nutrients white flour is.
Enriched? Hahaha...that's a joke since
only four of the 40+ nutrients are put back into it
after they are removed.

When I first bought my mill about six months ago,
I did it mostly for fun.
Little did I realize the health benefits of it.
There is so much vitamin E, that is lost after just a day,
when milled, that it is known to be the answer
for many skin problems.

In fact,
Macy's Psoriasis on her scalp has nearly cleared up completely
(and she isn't using her meds anymore)
since I started milling grains.
She LOVES my bread.

my point here is:

I would love to make you some bread!

Only problem is,
it will be for my local friends only.
There's simply no way it would hold its goodness
for several days until it arrives in the mail
to you far-away folks.

So, to any of my peoples who live near me,
let me know if you'd like me to
bake for you!

The above loaf is my own version of Ezekiel Bread.
(The tag in the pic is wrong)

"Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt;
put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread
for yourself."
Ezekiel 4:9

My bread has ALL of that, and more.
All freshly milled and baked.
I also use raw honey and real butter.
It's all good.

If you'd like a loaf or two...
I'm selling them for $5.50 a loaf.
(As in, five dollars and fifty cents)
(It was brought to my attention that my decimal wasn't showing up!)
(As much as I'd like to be able to sell it for five hundred and fifty dollars, I don't think that would go over well!)

This would make a great Christmas gift!
(We just have to work out the delivery time to match
up with when you will be giving it away...time is of the essence!)

It also freezes beautifully so no worries if you can't
eat it right away!

Give me a call or shoot me an email!


Lacy said...

Beautiful Lori!

Robin said...

Sounds delicious, I love fresh-milled flour. We don't have a mill but we do buy our flour from a guy who mills it fresh. All things dough is my husband's hobby (read: obsession) - we haven't bought bread on a regular basis in over a decade. Our usual is a plain but delicious sourdough that the kids will eat. We used to do that for the kids and more adventurous ones for us which were fabulous, but I was getting too fat trying to keep up with twice as much bread in the house!

Care to share your recipe? I'll trade you for Jay's famous sourdough, if he'll actually write it down for me LOL.

Karin said...

I wish I lived near you!!! I would love some of your bread! :)

Jennifer said...

You rock, did you know that? One of these days I want to start milling and making my own bread, too! :)

Susan A said...

Mouth watering. I would love to have some, but I live in Australia :(


Sally-Girl! said...

Hey you could have tossed up a loaf as I flew above ya today!!!

I have been looking into grain mills too.

Plz email the one you ended up buying.


Matilda Joyce said...

Where are you? What constitutes "close"? Anywhere near New England?

Mandie said...

I so wished I lived near you. Not only would I love some bread but I sure would love some mentoring!

Jean said...

Wish I lived near you! I would love a loaf!!

What? I would have to share?
Okay than two loaves!

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