Tuesday, November 15, 2011

feisty fella {God is good!}

Isaiah's "special need" that landed him on
The Waiting Child list continues
to be a mystery.

Mysterious...because it appears that something might possibly
be there...but yet we can't quite nail it.

One thing we did last week was take him to
a pediatric ophthalmologist
to see if anything could be concluded from a good eye exam.

He checked out just fine.

And let me tell you,
this little guy was SO GOOD for the exam.

I still can't believe just how good he was.
And charming.
And cute.
And made the doctor and nurse laugh.

He was the complete opposite of his sibling whose
name rhymes with Lucy.

God is so good to bring this little feisty fella into our family!

And we are so grateful that so far,
his health seems to be A-OK!


Shonni said...

He is so adorable and handsome. Glad that his health is so good.

Madeleine said...

I LOVE that face. <3

And praise HIM for goodness in this boy's life so far!

And remember, I still want Elly's name on that *waiting list* when the time comes. :D I mean...LOOK at that face. And that joy!!!

Jean said...

Oh grr- I just commented and it didn't work!

So here we go again!

Your little guy is too cute for words!! So thankful he is in your family! What a handsome little fella!!

Sally-Girl! said...

He is sooooo cute!!! I would never be hungry as I would be eating him up all the time!!! So cute!! Thankful for his health!!!

Tesseraemum said...

Maybe in Ch@na being adorable and ornery will land you on the list!
Ornery is a special need you certainly know how to handle!! Sheri

Karin said...

Every family needs a little guy like that! :) How fun! So glad his eyes are fine. :)

Kathy said...

Adorable!! Praising God for your
healthy and feisty little cutie!!

Joanne Reddell said...

"His sibling whose name rhymes with Lucy?" BAHAHAHAHAHA!! You sure know how to make me laugh!!

He is the cutest lil guy ever! You are very blessed!

Jennifer said...

Could he be any cuter!?!?! I'm mean, really, he's is adorable...but you know that. :) So glad his health is good! What a little blessing!

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