Monday, October 3, 2011

breast cancer awareness {bluntly explained}

Nick's soccer team is using a pink ball during
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
And they also have pink bands they wear on their wrists.

After the game tonight,
Macy asked what that was all about.

Nick said,
"It's for Breast Cancer Awareness Month."

To which Macy said,
"What's that?"

Nick, perplexed as to where to begin said,
"First of all, do you know what breasts are?"
I 'bout fell on the floor laughing at his bluntness.

She looked confused.

I jumped in and said,
"Boobies, Macy...boobies!"

She turned red and that was the end of that.

Oh my.

The conversations in this house.

You just wouldn't believe.


Jaime G. said...

Too funny!!!

Debby said...

Poor Macy.....I bet she looks up Breast Cancer today on the computer......

And, I love Nick's bluntnesss.......

Madeleine said...

:::gasping for breath::::


Ok, I'm good now.

I shudder in fear and delight to think of what would happen if our family ever got together with your family.


Chris said...

Y'know, you think they are functioning so well and boom! you realize they are missing so many definitions. We have some interesting conversations at our house too!
Where was Mr Elijah during that conversation?

Healy Family said...

My cousin (she's 29) has the gene that causes breast cancer. She was tested after her aunt and cousin both died from Breast cancer in their 30's. (Do you watch "Survivor"? Her cousin, Jenny Lyon, came in 4th place on the Australia episode - she passed away last January I believe - it was all over People magazine...) This morning my cousin is having a bilateral mastectomy in an effort to reduce her risk of breast cancer from 84% to 8-12%. I would love your prayers on her behalf - she is not a believer. She is a brave woman however, to undertake such a radical surgery at her young age!

Joanne Reddell said...

Thanks for sharing! What a great laugh!!

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