Friday, September 16, 2011

a little boy and his great big dog

Pretty much 95% of my children are horribly terrified of our
big ol' dog, Zeke.

I really have no idea why.

He's nottin' but a big cuddly teddy bear.
What's to fear?

And just for the record...he doesn't intimidate me in the least.
I call his giant-size bluff.
He might lick you to death, but that's it.
Well, and knock you down doing it.

Anyway, Isaiah has a fascination with him
and wants to get close soooo badly.

So K-man arranged that very thing...

Come on, dude...he's a love machine, really!

Okay, okay...I will take one step closer.

Oh wow, he's really soft...just like you said he was.

It's really quite easy, Isaiah.
Just get in there and give this bear a man-hug.


You've convinced me...
I must...I will.

Ahhh, this is good.

Look at me! Look at me!!

And tomorrow we'll have to start all over again,
rebuilding this confidence.

But it's worth it, wouldn't you say?

Have a fun weekend!


Mia said...

Love the pictures!!! Love reading your blog!!! have a great weekend!

julie said...


Adrian Roberta said...

Yup, that is pretty darn cute, love that Isaiah dude, I'll miss him when the dog eats him.....

Jennifer said...

Absolutely adorable!!! One of these days they'll be best buddies! :)

Karin said...

OK--that is just the CUTEST!! I can just picture him lying on the great big dog. Or riding him. :)

Madeleine said...

How can the kids be afraid of that beautiful creature??

I love this picture story. <3 And of course, the kids makes it all the worth seeing. How could you not squeeze that kid too??? Oh wait, I bet you do. :D

Anonymous said...


Robin said...

So sweet!

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quilt'n-mama said...

I love your big doggie, our dog is part Pyrenees and we adore her:) I love your little guy getting some loving from her:)

Janet said...

Precious!! Oh what buddies they could be=)

Holly said...

Yep, those are some pretty wonderful pictures! I like the one of your hubby hugging the doggy too. : )

Debby said...

Pretty darn cute! I bust out laughing reading Adrian's comment....just what I was

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