Wednesday, September 7, 2011

kindergarten {first grade}

Yesterday Lucy started her kindergarten class.
It's a homeschool enrichment class at a Christian school.
Even though we started homeschooling a couple
weeks ago, this made her school-years-career seem very official.

And we weren't out of the driveway 47 seconds on the 30 minute drive
before I started crying.

Because I'm so certain that it was just yesterday that my oldest
little guy had his first day of kindergarten.

And now look where he is.
At college, having fun. Lots of fun.
Without me.
And probably getting tattoos and growing dreadlocks
at this very moment.

But all went well at Lucy's school.
I held it together and didn't cry when I dropped her off.
Although I did feel like bawling my eyes out over
the fact that I was clearly the oldest mom there.

Anyway, Lucy had a great time and told me that
she warmed up and wasn't shy.
She said that.

Then, we hadn't been home 10 minutes and I got an email from
the gal at the school.

Turns out that they think Lucy would be much more challenged
being in the first grade class.

We are using first grade curriculum at home as it is...
so I guess it's now official.
She's a 5-year old first-grader.

See? It's already happening.
Tomorrow she will be in college, I just know it.


Nancy said...

That's funny. My g'daughter started kindergarten and told her two year old sister she was sorry she had to leave but she needed to go to kindergarten so she could learn things to go to college. So you are so right!!!

Karin said...

Oh I hear, ya, girl! My three 5 year olds went to school today and I'm not sure I like it. At all. They should be babies. Especially Jake. Because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to control him as a teen and he is much cuter as a 3 year old. :) I'm so NOT surprised that Lucy is so smart and needing to be in 1st grade. Good job homeschooling her!!

Oracle said...

Everything takes time, when we eventually get there, you'll see how it was worth all the time.

You've got a funny way of writing, I laughed when I read
"And now look where he is.
At college, having fun. Lots of fun.
Without me.
And probably getting tattoos and growing dreadlocks
at this very moment."

Itz all a matter of time

Anonymous said...

Oh , how well I remember the day my 38 year old started "K" , I cried because I knew before I knew it he would be married with children , well yesterday his oldest started 1st grade on the opposite side of the country from me :( .. I have homeschooled our three daughters from China for the last 8 years .. tomorrow my 13 year old starts 8th grade at a near by christian school , sigh .. but I still have my 4th grader and 6th grader at home , at least for now ! Judy

Cari said...

Oh they grow up fast, don't they?! That's what my mom always told me. I didn't believe her when I had an infant, 2 yr old and 4 yr old, but now they are 5th, 7th and 9th somehow three more weaseled their way into the group! :)

Jennifer said...

That's awesome! Yay Lucy! :)

Sally-Girl! said...

From Sassy to Smarty pants!!!

Yet always adorable!

Hezra said...

you are not allowed to post amazing feats of schoolish wonders when MY boy is 7 yrs old and barely able to sound out three letter words.If I have to teach this boy phonics one more time, you will hear me scream from your house. While he tells me he is doing baby work. GAH!!!!(meanwhile he is advanced in math. can we GET ON with the reading????

Hezra said...

sorry, I should have said(if I were a great friend and not a sub par one)that I am so sorry you are sad. And how amazing that is that Lucy is doing so well in school! And I am sorry Brendan has flown the nest.(but you know he will be back-- he will eventually run out of clean underwear!) ((hugs)) sorry you cried. :-( I love you.
{there --was that better on the supportive friend side? ;-) }

Rachel said...

Oh girl...You're a wonderful Mama, and that Lucy is such a big girl. (That picture is precious.)Just think, on a positive note, I don't think that fine Asian hair would be able to handle dreadlocks when she's in college. The tattoo on the other hand is probably a given for that sassy girl!

megadog said...

Smart little cookie. I know the feeling of wanting these little rascals to slow down and quit growing up so darn fast. It's hard on a Momma!

Joanne Reddell said...

Wow!! Go Lucy!! She's as adorable as EVER!! I've been following her journey for years and she has (unknowingly) provided me with many laughs, smiles & giggles. She sure is the cutest lil' Lucy-bug I know!!

Oh & congrats on the great homeschooling you've done! You're an amazing mama!! Love you, girlfriend!

Joy Graham said...

I cried when our 24,19,18,8,7 year olds started school...I can't face the empty nest thing and so....One graduates.... A little one gets adopted!!! Number six is 4 years old and on her way just in time for the 18 year old's graduation!

No retirement fund here.... My husband nicknamed our last daughter (7 year old) "HEMI" because he gave up his Dodge Charger, with the hemi engine, fund to cover her adoption fees!
:0) Joy

Holly said...

Way to go, Lucy! And Lori, just keep pretending that the time will go by reaallly slowly. That's what I'm trying to do.

David and Janet Hurley said...

Of course she is a genius!!
I know the oldest mom feeling....and the other dayat the grocery, the cashier looked at me between beeps and said "you look very tired", yeh, thanks!

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