Thursday, August 4, 2011

great opportunity to help!

Hey, ya'll!

My dear friend Gayly is leaving next week for China
to meet her sweet little girly Clara.

But first she is going to spend a little time at
Morning Start Family home!

She is working hard to fill up two big suitcases of
much needed supplies to bless them with.

Please swing over to her blog to see how YOU can contribute!



Jean said...

Wish I was going with her!!

I would love to see those cute little babies- especially a certain someone who has captured my heart!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, that's wonderful! We also are traveling next week! Is your friend with FTIA by any chance?? That's our agency.

janet and gang

quilt-n-mama said...

Thanks for posting about this Lori! We are hoping to fill these two suitcases to the brim for the kiddos at Morning Star!

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