Saturday, July 16, 2011

disturbing story

I have a disturbing story that I must tell.

It's disturbing beyond measure.

So stop reading right now if you don't want to read about
something quite horribly disturbing.

*Can you tell I've been reading Lemony Snicket?

This morning I went out to take care of my chickens.

Fed them.
Watered them.
Gathered eggs.

I came inside and put the eggs away in the refrigerator,
then got distracted doing something else.

Just a few minutes later I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.
As I was flossing,
I was astonished at the smell of my breath.
Never had I ever noticed my own bad breath before.
It was, for lack of better words, rather crappy smelling.
I was horrified.

So I went to throw away my floss and alarmingly noticed....
chicken poop on my fingers.

Oh yes.

That happened.
To me.

So I am now bonded even closer to my feathery flock.

But thank goodness it wasn't really my breath.

*And for the record, I normally DO wash my hands
immediately after taking care of them.
And after that incident, you can bet your bright yellow egg yolks I
will never forget again.


Joy said...

um... ewww. :-)

Sally-Girl! said...

That's almost as bad as the bird flying over my head that dumped his stuff on my lip!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my! Oh yuck! I totally gagged! ;) Girl, seriously gross. ;) Ewww!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh. Dear God. That is horribly disturbing indeed..... *throws up in mouth a little bit*

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I might have to rethink the empire thing if this happened to me.:)

Karin said...

Snort!!! :) I'm with the earlier comment about throwing up in my mouth a little bit. hee! So happy for you that it wasn't your breath! :)

Jean said...

So sorry that happened! Yuck, gag, yuck again!
I hope you threw away that toothbrush too!!

Seriously- you need a fresh start with a new toothbrush! No more chicken duty for you!! That's back on Kelly's plate!!

connie said...

oh, yeah, i've experienced similar disturbance - yuck!!!!!!!!! but thank goodness it was NOT your breath :)

Madeleine said...

LOL!!! I think I can laugh a little harder then the rest, as I could TOTALLY see that happening to me. :P

I am catching up on blogs and read some of your past blogs. I have missed life at Lori's house!! IT is always interesting. :D

And I am loving the Laura Inglas impressions. What a great idea!! I wish I could buy eggs from yous guys. I wish we could have chickens! But our postage stamp lot with 3 dogs would not allow it. :P

K, off to the next thing. Good to hang together for a little while. :)

Anita said...

rolling off my seat in laughter...sorry, but this was hilarious in a poopy sorta way! ;)

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