Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the 5th of july

We noticed recently that some of our ever-green shrubs
seemed to be dying...then last night I noticed
Bag Worms ALL over them...eating away.
The nerve.

The shrubs were clearly history.
And big boys being boys (and pyromaniacs) wanted nothing more
than to light them on fire.

They lit up like the 5th of July.

.Because it was the
5th of July.

The younger kids watched in awe from the upstairs window.
I'm very sure that this seals the deal
that we will no longer ever be approved to adopt again.

It looks way worse than it was.
But the kids were thrilled at the excitement.

Then the pyros got the idea to use their left-over fireworks
to finish the job.

Don't you worry...
we had a professional fire-fighter on the sidelines.
Safety first.

That was enough excitement for one day.
Let me tell you.

And today I took Isaiah-man down to Children's Mercy Hospital.
Poor lil' fella has a hear murmur that our doctor wanted
to run past a pediatric cardiologist.
After three agonizing hours,
an ultrasound showed that everything is fine.
I'm so thankful!
But I must tell you that I had more meltdowns than my two
little kiddos that were with me.
Especially when I couldn't get my big ol' family 'burban into
the only parking space I found after pacing the parking garage for
what seemed like hours.
Lucy even said,

"Mommy, are you going to cry?"

Then we finally found a spot.
And wouldn't you know it, I forgot where that spot was after our appointment.
We searched and searched.
Finally found it.
Again, my kiddos were amazingly calm.
I could learn something from them.

Isaiah loves our chickens with all his healthy heart.
I changed the subject suddenly...did you notice?
And when I gave him a sack of
old hot dog buns to throw out at them, he could hardly
believe his good fortune.

Although things started out a tad shaky when he saw
one of his beloved friends eat a butterbye (butterfly),
actually it was a moth.
We'll deal with the details later.

Petrified, I tell you.

But he quickly got back to work and fed those chickens
like nobody's business.

And was stinkin' cute in the process.

Then Lucy came on the scene.
I think the look on her face says it all.
Let's just slap the label, Control Freak on her, and call it a day.

And speaking of Ms. CF,
it's her job to feed Zeke.
Though it ain't easy.
He's a feisty one.
Jobs are carefully calculated around here
and assigned according to personalities.

It's all about strategy.

I'm outta here!

And so am I.

Bye, ya'll!!


Lisa said...

Lori, you crack me up. Great pictures and so glad the big boys enjoyed themselves.


Kim K. said...

Your blog is the first thing I've looked at this morning and it's priceless. You always make smile.

Tami said...

suburbans in children's mercy parking garage! ugh! it never works for us, either!

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

So happy to hear the good Dr. report! Sorry about the mommy meltdowns...there's coffee & chocolate for that. As far as the "Bye, y'all" goes, you need to officially come visit me now. You'uns would fit right in! (Just don't bring the pyromaniacs along - there's a drought going on here) :)

Jennifer said...

Glad little mans heart is A-OK!!! That's wonderful news! I love the look on Lucy's face! Priceless!!!
Hang in there momma!!!

Karin said...

OMGosh...Taylor would have been in Firework Heaven if he had been there to 'help' with those bushes!!! Cracked me up!! We weren't home in Boston an hour and we had an angry neighbor pull up and demand to know who was shooting off bottle rockets. Sigh.... We need to live out in the country.

Jean said...

Love the pics!!
I hope those chickens are finally producing!!
We have our kids feed the dogs too!!!

Lobe the trees on fire- so glad the house is not!!! Seeing the experienced firefighter calmed all my worries, ha!!

It is hard parking the beasts!! I want a handicap sticker!

Adrian Roberta said...

Thankyou Lord for healthy hearts, and I wouldn't worry about the *almost burning down the house* back yard fun ending any hope of future homestudy approvals.......I think the Mammoth sized bear you make your daughter feed will be your undoing.....

Well I suppose you could always throw the kids on the back of 'said' dog (who is for sure part Abominable Snow Monster) and they can gallop away to safety if Big Brothers get a hankering for more pyrotechnics!

Debby said...

What putting the Littles all the way upstairs to watch the pyro activities should "protect" any future home

Glad to here that his hear is A-OK. I hate getting that frustrated (with parking issues) in front of my kids. Glad to know I ain't alone.....

Learning Together at Home said...

{gasp} You are too funny! I really needed the laugh this afternoon.

My fav photo was the one after the butterfly was eaten. Isaiah has such an expresive face. So happy his heart is just fine!

David and Janet Hurley said...

LOVE that butterfly face, so funny, but so sweet!
The boys did a great job celebrating my birthday=)--isn't that what they were doing?

connie said...

Hahahahaha! Are our boys related?!? I SO GET THE burning bush thing. It has happened here. But it really makes me laugh to see it at your place. As always, thank you for starting my day with a chuckle, sweet friend.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness...those kiddos are stinkin' adorable. Control freaks and all!! : ) And I am so happy that you survived your ordeal, and that your little guy has a healthy heart. God is good!

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