Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lucy + dentist {bad, bad mix}

First of all,
to all of you nay-sayers regarding my reference
to us being DONE adopting
in my last post,
I have made note of each of you and you will be blocked
from my blog.

Just kiddin'.

But you are on probation.

And we ARE done adopting.
Mark my words.
You can vow to say, "I told you so" in the future if you want.

But you won't be saying it.

Because we are so done.

Now, let's move on.

I feel the need to tell you about my night on Saturday night.
Not sure if I will or not right at this moment.
I need to figure out whether it's really all that blog-worthy.

Do you see?
Do you see why I can't handle any more children?
My brain no longer functions well.

While I'm figuring that out,
I will tell you about Lucy's dentist appointment this morning.

Or lack thereof.


Bless my lil' dumplin's heart...she's had bad teeth from the get-go.
She had a lot of dental work done
IN the hospital under complete sedation when she was
about 3 years old.
It was awful.

There's nothing worse than seeing your child
in a hospital bed.
Even for minor procedures.

So anyway,
she had her first cleaning at a real dentist a while back.
By real dentist,
I mean...not a pediatric dentist.
Those people are whacky.
And by whacky I mean...only people who are completely nuts
could work with little children and their teeth all day long.
And act joyful about it.

Something ain't right with people like that.

Oh yes, but there's all that money.

Ok, back to my story.

At Lucy's latest cleaning the dentist
(who is joyful but not in a fairy-princess-crazy-person kind of way)
said that Lucy most definitely had two cavities
right smack on her front two teeth.

And probably elsewhere but since she wouldn't let them do
x-rays...well, one could only guess.

So I debated back and forth as to whether to get them filled
or not since she will be losing those teeth...but when?

I finally caved (insert crazy-person decision) and made the appointment.
She was oh-so-brave until the dentist started talking to her.
How dare he.

Things spiraled completely out of control right then and there.




The dentist said,


Actually, it was more like,


Yes he did.
He said that.

But thankfully he made the decision that it just wasn't going to happen.
And told us it was ok to put it off a little bit longer in hopes
of the darn things loosening up,
falling out, and us living happily ever after.

And this, my friends, is reason #5,986 that we won't be adopting again.

Tell ya about Saturday night later.


Nancy said...

Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Lori. Poor Lucy. She should be losing those teeth soon. Wouldn't worry about it if it doesn't put her health in danger.

Kim K. said...

You totally have my sympathy. Our Josie visited the pediatric dentist last week for 3 cavities and a root canal (all baby teeth). There was a whole lot of bribing going on in our household.

Karin said...

I'm tellin' ya...she and SaraGrace are twins. Oh the drama at the dentist office... She is finally coping a bit better at age 7, mainly due to peer pressure from her sibs who are perfectly FINE at the dentist. SG had fillings in her front teeth--and they fell out anyway--so don't sweat it.

About being done...talk to me girl.

Kristi said...

my little has the bad teeth also - she had a 4 hr dental surgery in March where our happy, smiley, life is full of rainbows & butterflies ped. dentist worked on 12 out of 18 total teeth. Baby girl will be 4 in Sept & she's still lacking one 2 yr molar so thinking she may not lose teeth for awhile? ugh...dentists!!

Hezra said...

I was so disappointed there were no pictures with this blog. Those could have been whoppers. And as your friend, I am telling you, MY prescription for you is, take two cookies and a sweet coffee confection and let the littles watch an educational program. relax. (((hugs)))

Tesseraemum said...

Will you start a support group with Karin and I? I'm tellin ya it doesn't get better when they are 11! Olivia thoroughly embarrassed me at the ENT. Last year... She needs to have her tonsils out. Notice I said NEEDS. That's because her behavior in the consultation warranted a trip to the detention center instead. We are going to have to knock her out with a hammer just to get her to the hospital. The Drs think we are kidding..thats why she still has the buggers. In all fairness we did find out she has sensory issues but I mean really. A support group meeting is in order! Which beach do you want to go to ladies?!!! Sheri

Anonymous said...

Geeze the drama. Been there! It really does get better eventually! My oldest China doll had horrible teeth as well and at 18 still gets nervous at the dentist and he is her uncle!

MotherOfTwo said...

Lori, You are funny! I'll give ya that!

Chris said...

Yep, BTDT. Hope is wonderful ever since we went to a regular dentist at 6 and she sent me out of the room. OKAAAY
Then little Faith has all the bad teeth out in front where you can see them and none in the back...we are letting the front 2 just rot out...JK she knocked them loose the other week on the scooter handle so they should be out soon...did your dentist tell you that filling those front baby teeth usually makes them loose and they fall out...I wouldn't spend the money unless they are hurting her.
Give her a few years to loosen up. Wait till her little brother sits very still for the dentist and get a prize...

Holly said...

Poor sweetie. As long as they aren't hurting her, keep those chompers.

Patty said...

These Fu girlies really are full of drama aren't they?!!! Although--I have to tell ya....strangely enough Riley does not have issues with that kind of stuff. I think she saves it up for her sleep and screams it all out then. Anyway....maybe that is the book we need to write---5,746 reasons why we are done adopting....LOL...I don't question you one bit on that my friend! ha!

Lacy said...

Poor Lucy! The dentist can be such a scary place for a little one.

I had a similar experience with Katie last week at the HAIR SALON of all places. They washed her hair and were blowing it out to give her a trim. She lost. her . mind. I mean screaming, crying, wet her pants lost her mind. We were at a really high priced fancy salon and had to leave before the hair cut. Boy did we get some looks:)

Anita said...

Awww...I agree...poor Lucy! I haven't yet dared to get Kaleb in with all his other medical needs that we HAVE to get done right now. His teeth look great (praying I'm right) and he brushes like a fiend (is that how you spell it?) as he's seemingly done for awhile. If he reacts to needles at the doc's office, I can't imagine what he'd do at the dentist's office. OH MY! I feel for ya'll.

And the DONE adopting is noted, too!! LOL!

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, poor Lucy and her teeth! That must be yucky to have such dental problems. Give her a hug from us.

About not having anymore children - now you know you just can't say that! Hee, hee! You know you have NO choice if God tells you again just like He did for your other adoptions! Hee, hee!

I can laugh because Kevin and I have said that after each and every adoption and we are still saying it. No, we are not adopting again. This is the last time. This is it!

Well, it might just be . . .

Or maybe not. . . Depending upon what God says! :)

Hugs to you funny lady!

Janet and gang

Jean said...

Okay- I want to know what happened Saturday night!

And I had a vision of you with 4 more children- ha!!
Just kidding!!
We'll give ya a little more time and then we'll talk!

Anna went to the dentist. It went just fine...until they asked her to open her mouth!

Maybe Anna and Lucy are long lost sisters! Or twins with a 4 month labor- the poor dear birth mother!

I'll stop now... obviously I need to go to bed!

LedaP said...

Lori, I totally know how you feel!! So thrilled to have Faith home and what a blessing she is!!! But also so *know* at the same time we are finished building our family through adoption or biologically. My husband was certain I'd be asking to go back for more, but I am certain I am at my max capacity of motherhood! Two wonderful sons and two wonderful daughters - perfect *for us* Leda

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