Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Okay, let's review.

Here is a shortened list of things that have gone wrong since K has been gone:

1. Microwave died (see pic below).
2. Brenden's car died (now fixed...many $$ later).
3. TV died (RIP).
4. Chicken died (Also, RIP).
5. Electricity out for a good 4-5 hours on Day 234 of K being gone
(or something like that).
6. 1,457 new gray hairs.
7. There are other things but my internal coping mechanism is blocking
my memory in order to maintain my frail sanity.

Here is my new make-shift microwave area.
Right there in my laundry room.
Don't be jealous, girls.
Believe it or not,
this little gem is straight out of K-man's work van.
(Hey, a guy can't live on cold sandwiches alone)
Only problem is,
every time my washer is on its spin cycle I have to run
in to rescue my micro-friend or who knows where
it would end up.
Do you see my struggles?
Do you?
So there you have it.

Actually, I'm quite thankful that that's the extent of it.
Very thankful.

Only TWO more sleeps until
Big Daddy K and the boys get home!!


Nancy said...

It's all good, Lori. In three more days you will be loving on those two precious little boys.

Tony and Rett said...

Yep. speechless.

You have a microwave on your washer.

You can SEE the top of your washer.

Yes, I'm jealous. (of the cleanliness, not the microwave.) hehe

Rachel said...

I've been praying for you this morning - Thankful that you've made it this far too! Your guys will be close in prayer as they travel!
ps sorry about your chicken...and your tv...and the car & microwave...Now the gray hair, you can fix that up right quick before your honey gets home! :)

Susan A said...

only two more days? that's not long to go! :))

don't worry about the microwave, TV, etc... they're just temporary :) you're doing great!!! I'm sorry about the chicken.

Joanne Reddell said...

WOW! They're almost here!!!!! You can do this, Lori! Once they're home you'll forget all about the random situations that occured.....I'll be praying them home while I'm in Mexico.

♥ to you from me!

BTW, I emailed you my cell last nite - hope you got it.

quilt-n-mama said...

I am so excited that your boys are almost home friend! Yah! I know you can't wait to see those faces as they walk off the plane!
Been praying for you and we will continue too!
At least you have a backup microwave:)

Hezra said...

of course her laundry room is clean! She is now preparing food on the dryer! lololol j/k there Lori. Sorry about your losses. My poor mom used to say that when Dad went hunting(for a WEEK!?) EVERYTHING broke. It was like the annual dying of appliances and cars. Only two more sleeps!! That is awesome!! Woohoooo! Still praying for you to keep that last shred of sanity my dear friend.

Laurie said...

:( but you've made it with such grace. Can I be you when I grow up? I love that you keep smiling through the tears. Wish I had known, I would have made a special trip up to see you before leaving OK. Could have replaced some of those items for ya instead of giving them to a thrift store :(. Praying for your guys coming home and you four at home. What an exciting time.

Jean said...

Girl, you are a good problem solver!

The microwave on top of the washer works! BUT do be careful with that nasty spin cycle!

The grey- that can be dealt with too!!

Praising God they will be home soon and your troubles will be over- maybe! At least the trouble of having Kman gone will be over!

Soon you will be a family of 8 and all together- yikes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! When it rains it pours! SO glad your hubby and babies are almost home!!!!

Nicole A. said...

Yay!! (Well, not because of all the craziness, but because they will be home so SOON! You must be sooooo excited!)

Praying for safe, uneventful, timely, mostly sane travels for all three of them!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Hunan Mommy said...

If it makes you feel any better, I think I would be a complete wreck of my husband was gone for so many days! You seem amazingly strong! And I am happy to know my husband isn't the only one carrying a microwave around in his work van! Funny stuff!

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