Wednesday, May 18, 2011

so far so good {still}

The new boys continue to do so well!
I am amazed at their resilience.
They are both so well-behaved and sweet.
Should I have said that out loud?

Little Isaiah-man has taken a liking to the chickens.
And crows each time one of the roosters crows.
It's the cutest thing.

And they both love them some basketball.

Hao Hao, who will now be known as Eli :),
likes the dogs...but Isaiah is a bit freaked out by them.
And Eli is making it his mission to
rid him of that fear.Yes, I'm here.
And yes, this baby boy does like me,
even though he looks like he'd rather be anywhere except
here with me in this pic.
He loves me.
He does.


Kristi said...

love all the pics - especially the chicken ones...he's alot braver than I am

Melissa said...

So glad things are going good ! Thats a blessing.

Angela said...

Oh, they're so beautiful! (Can I say that about boys??? Well, I just did. Hope they're OK with that.) Glad things are going so well!

Rachel said...

So, so happy for you! The pictures are fabulous!

Susan A said...

Loved the pictures, made me smile :)

Kelly Marriott said...

Does Eli always have a smile on his face? He looks happy! And that little Isaiah is a cutie patootie!

Kristina said...

We are going thru the dog thing too..we have gone from screaming hysterics to whining while yelling "go away!".....we are still working on it tho...I guess I will take fear of dogs over fear of car seat....

Debby said...

Great pictures Lori. I'm so glad all your men are home now. Delighted with everything is working out!!!

Cari said...

I love you too Lori!! {if that counts for anything...idk :)}

Glad you all are doing so well. I'm praying for you all!

Somehow you need to get a family pic taken really soon to post on your blog, okay?!

Nicole A. said...

They look really great! I am so happy for you that the transition is going so well thus far (knock on wood!).

I second the idea that you need a full family photo!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Adrian Roberta said...

I am so loving the updates! They both are so sweet! But although I'm all about the pass-me-downs, could we concider a non-pink and purple(with girly streamers) tricycle for Isaiah?! LOL ~kiddin!

Tony and Rett said... it..

and guess I better stop calling Isaiah, Jack, shouldn't I?

Madeleine said...

OH! I had to pop in here in my in between times and get my fill of joy. :)

I love the pictures, I love the life and the babies, even if some of them are past 10 years old. lol.

I cannot WAIT to see your new header for this blog, with all your smiling happy babies. Life is good, and GOD is great.

megadog said...

Everybody looks like they have been together forever. I love to see you all together. Congrats.

Adeye said...

Totally LOVE all the sweet pics. Eli....I love his name. Did he choose it?

Yes, I bet your baby boy loves, loves, loves his mama. :)

trina said...

Lori, they are so adorable!! Handsome boys!!

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