Friday, May 6, 2011

pool pics!

K and the boys went to the pool.
Even though it was hot and humid outside,
the water was only around 65 degrees...
but it didn't seem to bother these two sturdy boys one little bit.

Kelly said that Isaiah giggled and carried on so much.
So cute!

They both had a great time!

Again, the bangs taunt me.

So there you have it.
Another day marked off.
One week from tomorrow they will be home.

I'm giddy.


Sherrie said...

I'm checking for new posts several times a day, so keep em
comin :-). Such handsome boys you have (and pretty girls too of course), they look so happy in the pool! Time is ticking away....

Tony and Rett said...

I'm giddy, you're giddy.

Jean said...

Those two are so cute! I cannot wait for you to have them home!
And what's the first thing you are going to do once they are home? CUT ISAIAH'S BANGS!

Adrian Roberta said...

Let's suggest to Ann (@ RedThread) to add another 'care package' to her 'store'. One labeled 'Hair Makeover' ~ where we pay a stylist to go to the CWI and give these 'cute-as-a-button' kids a proper hair cut! lol

Robin said...

What fun, I'm glad today seems to be a better day.

Not much longer now!!

Nicole A. said...

That is one brave man, to take two kids to the pool (who may or may not be able to swim) by himself! I bet he is happy to be outside and find new things to do!

Have a truly happy Mother's Day (even though your Mother's Day may actually be a week away!)

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

David and Janet Hurley said...

How cool they had the whole pool to themselves.
Last time we were at a China pool, the new kid was handed his shirt to put on when it was time to leave. He proceeded to strip down in front of everyone.

Sally-Girl! said...

I am giddy right there with ya sista!!!

Adeye said...

So excited with you, my friend. I cannot wait to see how these precious boys do once they are home. They are going to have the BEST time with your big boys :)

Counting down the day with you. Hang in there....the days will fly by.

Jennifer said...

What's that? You're hearing nails on the chalkboard? Oh, no, those are just Isaiah's bangs. ;) Hee, hee!

Tracy said...

Your boys look so so happy! I bet your just beyond itchen to get them home, AND its a good thing his momma is gonna know just what to do with his little chinese made toupay(I know thats not how you spell it.) hee hee

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