Monday, May 16, 2011

having tons of fun

My jet-lagged little boys are taking a much needed nap
so I thought I'd hop on here to post some pics.

Things are going really great.
Really great.
They are both just so sweet!

And all the siblings (as you will see in the pics) are crazy about them too.

Isaiah has jumped in with both feet and isn't the least bit timid.
Hao Hao is having fun but is
a little more cautious...and definitely seems to feel a bit awkward.
Thankfully, we've BTDT with an older child so it seems second-fiddle
to us.

So here are the no particular order.
Which is very symbolic of my life now.
Well, it was that way before too but now I have a better excuse.

*We managed to squeeze in Macy's little piano recital. She did great!*

There you have it.

Blissfulness abounds.

More pics to follow...believe me, I've got a lot of material now.
And I also have a lot more of HH.
No worries, he's doing great!


David and Janet Hurley said...

Little K-man is too cute! And Hao Hao, very handsome--but you knew all that. The "purple car" car pic cracked me up....ours is more of a purple color. Waid has loved that toy since he got home, and goes around looking for it, saying "purple car, purple car".
SO glad everything is dandy.

tami said...

lori -

super excited to be working at a bring me hope camp this summer in zhengzhou! i think connie told you about me ;-) email me and we'll see if i can take something for hao hao's big brother!

tamilakey at gmail dot com

Adeye said...


Tooooooooo amazing for words.

What a BLESSING Macy must be with being able to translate :) That must be such a huge help....I can tell that she is adoring litte brother :)

Aaahhh.....I am so happy for your family, my friend. Knit together by the hand of the Almighty Father.

Angie said...

Awesome photos and they all seem so happy together! Looks like Hao Hao is in on WII bowling! Little Isaiah...well, I could just squeeze those little cheeks!!

Natalie said...

I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed it! We leave later this week to bring home our almost 11 year old daughter, so your blog has been so encouraging and fun to read.

Congrats on your 2 new sons! They look like amazing kids.

Patty said...

Oh my word......LOVE IT! Love love love it!! These little guys just make the world so much sweeter don't they?!!!

Amy said...

Oh Lori...what a JOY to see these pictures! Such treasure...HOME AT LAST!!!

With Love and Prayers and Every Best Wish during this time of transition. - Amy

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I...just love you guys! I get to meet them soon!!!!! Can you adopt me, Lori????

Colleen said...

I'm so happy for you that it's going so well! You are very blessed! Beautiful family all around.

Tony and Rett said...

Triple YAY!!

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo fun to see your WHOLE family together!! What a blessing! Love the pictures.

(You may want to tell HH that he'll do better if he bowls left-handed.)

julie said...

Great pictures! Looks like everyone is having a blast. BTW, I love the curls in Macy's hair!

Joy said...

Isn't it great! I'm reminiscing and it's only been three weeks home for us. :-)

We have the same purple little people van and Zane plays with it.

Have fun!

jiaoie said...

so precious all the pictures!! i love your family!! ^_^

Kim K. said...

Beautiful pics of your kiddos. I'm just so happy for you. Continued blessings with all your transitions.

Chris said...

Amazing...Brendan and Isaiah look like 2 peas in a pod...I'd keep the birthday candles and matches away from them!

Cari said...

I love LOVE seeing the pics! Got any more?! :) Just seeing all your kids together playing and all smiles is so wonderful.

Doug said...

We played Wii Bowling as soon as Zane came home too. A great ice-breaker.

Holly said...

Love the post, love the pictures, love the kids! All of them!! Happy homecoming to you all!!!!

Jean said...

LOvin the pics! Lovin the fun!! And lovin all the material you now have!!

Hows the hubby? Guessing he is exhausted and thankful to be home! He did a greta job!!

Robin said...

Wonderful photos of your whole family - finally united under one roof!

connie said...

Oh goodness, I'm just all teary-eyed seeing your kiddos play together! Such cuteness!!

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