Monday, May 9, 2011

around the island and pool pics

Pictures are starting to arrive to me in a trickle.

But I love every one of them.

Keep up the good work, Super-K!

The boys make the rounds on the island...

(again and again and again)

K with Jordon

K with Kenny.

K with Michelle.

These folks have become K-man's extended family.

Anyone who utters a lick of English,

he gravitates to...and hangs on every last thickly accented word.

The boys are doing amazingly well.

They have so much fun together, which is a huge blessing!

And they absolutely LOVE the pool!

Long and lanky.

Just chillin'.

Mr. Silly Pants.

The comb-over.

Can't wait for these boys to finally get home!

And get my hands on that kid's hair.


Sherrie said...

So CUTE!!! They look like such happy happy boys! I am praying that the adjustment keeps on the easy go lucky path :-). I have no doubt that the little guy will get himself into some trouble, but one smile and all will be forgotten, he just has that super cute smile and those eyes will work well for him! Can't wait to see them home with mama and the rest of the sibs!

Hezra said...

Ha! you and that child's hair. lolol I understand though. My Liv is now 9 and thinks she should fix her own hair. Whatever. It is super curly and seriously frizzy when any humidity comes even remotely near the atmosphere.(just like mine. sigh) Yesterday we kept telling the hubster it looks like rain.... Liv's hair was my gauge. It got poofier and poofier and frizzier... bugged me all day. Today I snagged her to the bathroom first thing, serumed the daylights out of it and smoothed it into a ponytail. My heart has been happy all day. lol. Meanewhile, MINE.... is serumed too, but to no avail. I even slicked it into a braid. No idea what to do with it.
SO excited for you and K. I am loving the photos. And tell the man he is seriously rocking this trip. He is doing so awesomely REALLY. I am impressed. And yes, still praying daily. ;-)

Angie said...

Awesome photos! I'm so glad the weather is warm enough to be outside swimming. Really...what would he do if it was cold with two boys??

Jennifer said...

Elijah is SOOO skinny and tall! Wowzers!

Cari said...

Jordan and Michelle! I remember visiting them A LOT while we were there last year with our family.

Your boys look so sweet...can't even imagine all that must be going through their brains these last few days/weeks.

So what day are they flying home?

Sally-Girl! said...

Those boys look like they are going to fit in just nicely with your other two boys!!! What a blessing!!

Holly said...

You never cease to make me giggle. :) So glad things are going well, and it's nice to see the pictures of Jordan and Kenny. I don't know the lady, but it is a good thing that K-man has some friends! ; )

Joanne Reddell said...

Lori! What am I going to do without internet access Thursday thru Monday!???!!! I'll be in Mexico working at the orphanage.....I'm going to go thru some serious withdrawals!! Your sweet boys (all 3!) are coming home and I won't be able to check your posts, see the pictures, hear the stories......I'm pretty stinkin bummed about it.

Anyhoo....thanks for another great batch of photos!! I'm so blessed to hear that the boys get along well and are enjoying each other's company. Thank you Jesus!! And, again, may I mention that Super-K deserves the "Father of the Year" Award!!!

Andrea said...

20 years ago you could have NEVER convinced me that pictures would make me feel homesick for a town on the other side of the world!
I would live on that island if my husband would move..honestly!
Your boys look like they have 'found home'.
You guys are doing an awesopme job showing us how bringing home 2 boys can be done!

Serving the King said...

Well that's just a bundle of sweetness! Hang in there girl and hang on to your coffee pot! There almost home!!

Adrian Roberta said...

Betcha didn't realize you'd be adopting a little Chinese 'Donald Trump' (w/combover) LOL *sigh*

Time to come home!

I know you're thinkin of it....but don't show up at the airport with scizzors......or clippers......or a traveling Barber...:-D

Tony and Rett said...

Brings back memories!

What's the countdown, sister?

Melissa said...

They look like they are doing good. Cant wait to see them home with their mama!

Mom Of Many said...

What happy, sweet and beautiful pictures! We have been praying for K-man and the tickled for all of you!!

Karin said...

Love it!! :))) So great to hear/see that the boys are getting along well and enjoying each other. LOVE the pic of K-man and Jordon. :) Tell him to go see our friend, Michael. As of Jan. 09, he was two doors down from the youth hostel. He and his wife are sooo sweet and have amazing oil paintings for like $35. (As in HUGE, over the fireplace kind of paintings. We have one of two young children and everyone comments on it when they come over.)

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