Tuesday, April 5, 2011

who is freaking out...?? {certainly not me}

I don't have anything especially special to blog about today.

Oh, I did notice that we didn't get TA today.

Just happened to notice that little tid-bit of info.

But really, who's worried?
Who is fretting?
Who is freaking out because things aren't working out exactly the
way she planned and now she's getting agitated
and completely annoyed and wondering when the heck her
husband will travel to get her boys and back home in time to see her
big boy graduate high school without the entire household
being in shambles over all the new changes....?


I don't know.

Certainly not me.

No, I'm cool, calm and very collected.

Everyone who believes that, stand on your head and
whistle Dixie.

The rest of you,
please leave me a nice and comforting comment.

Thank you.


Nancy said...

You've got me convinced that you are not freaking out. Good things come to those who wait...or something like that. Tomorrow? and tomorrow and tomorrow. That was the English teacher in me.

Chris said...

umm, what were you smoking? I'm freaking out for you. I actually checked your blog twice today, I'm not supposed to do that...I'm supposed to be working.

Joanne Reddell said...

Hey Lori,
Do you notice anything different/new about my comment? Well, I've gone public and have begun a new blogger account for "public" comments. (Think I'll keep my other account private/anonymous.....just in case....you never know when that might come in handy.)

Anyhoo....nuf about me.....God knows every detail of your timetable and I trust that He will provide everything you need at the right time. I'm not fretting cuz I think you've got that pretty well covered (smile!!) I'm trusting, trusting, trusting and I'm continuing to pray for your journey and I'm sending you lots of ♥ from Durango! Bless you, sweet friend!

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying that you get TA soon! You seem perfectly calm and collected to me! :)

Janet and gang

Jennifer said...

Oh good, you're not freaking out. (cough, cough, ahem) ;)
All in His perfect timing, His PERFECT timing. :) You can remind me of that one of these days! ;) Hang in there dear!!!

Shonni said...

I am kinda right there with you, only MY time frame is before the holidays....
Oh that WE had control....LOL
Praying that the LORD gives you the grace needed for each day as you wait for those precious ones to join your family!!!! Can’t wait...
for both of us!

Shelley said...

Praying for you, Lori! I've been checking in each day and hoping you'd have a big announcement. Praying tomorrow is that day! Love, shelley

Holly said...

Oh, I am so glad you are not freaking out. :) (And you know, you really don't have to.) : )

Mia said...

this entry reminds me of bible verse "those things we plan might not happen right away, be patient, when the vision is filfulled, it will eventually take place" you will get your TA soon when it is right timing... I am praying for your adoption journey...
have a blessed Wednesday!!!

Robin said...

Sending lots of good thoughts your way, that despite the stress and uncertainty now it will all work out in the best possible way.


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Susan A said...

I can understand how you're feeling, I'm pretty much the same, for a different reason.

Just remember, the key is to keep acknowledging Him, because if you do, then He will direct your path. His path is best, right? :) (even if it doesn't make sense to us and all this waiting streeeetches our patience :)

Pro 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Did you ask?

He said, we have not, because we ask not... James 4:2c

I'm sure you did. Check.

What next? Just wait. Exactly what you are doing right now :) will pray that He will give you abundant patience :) (and me too! :D )

Rachel said...

Praying daily. Please know that! So nice to see you're not stressed - amazing, really. :) Oh, and now I'll be whistling Dixie all day, thank you very much!

Jean said...

It is not here today BECAUSE it is coming tomorrow! Be calm and keep getting ready! (I may have to write this same thing tomorrow- I hope not!)

I'll be praying that it arrives very soon and that the timing will turn out perfectly!!

And another HUG!

Faye Verquer said...

Freaking out...YOU??? NEVER!!! Hey we are all there with you, it will work out just you wait and see the beautiful plans HE has for you. (easier said by me who is not waiting..I know)

We will pray your TA here ASAP!!!


Anonymous said...

all things work for good for those who love Him. Hang on my friend! It will come in His perfect time!

Karin said...

{breathe deeply} Do it again. That's right... {breathe deeply} and repeat after me. God will not send TA one day early or one day late. Repeat as necessary. :))))

Tony and Rett said...

Friend, you're smart enough to know that God works on a different timeline than we do!

But until you realize that...eat chocolate. Lots of it. In the closet where Lucy can't find you and take it.

Oh, and fold some laundry while you're in there.


Tracy said...

Ok..I did trrrrryyyyy to stand on my head and whistle dixie, however when I proceeded to shoot my legs straight up into the air the pressure from the weight of my body caused me to passout. hee hee.
Why do you tell us to do these things knowing full well what will happen. : )
Praying for ya Lori and you know everything will be PERFECT in Gods time. (Bet your sick of hearing that) But its true! la la la la

Gretchen said...


I totally feel your pain.

I am sure that everyone has given you tons of words of comfort. I have a lot too, but sometimes it is just best to "sit" and grieve the wait with a friend. I am sitting with you, my friend.

Chrissy said...

If it helps at all...I missed Grace's first day of Kindergarten because we were flying home from China with Lila. My sister took her and took tons of pictures and Grace had a great day even without me. SO if they do miss graduation it will all be ok and you'll have your new boys home no matter what!

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