Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday supper?

We have a chicken and egg thing going on here.

And I'm to the point of publicly ousting my fickle foul.

Here we go.

We have about 25 chickens.

Half are apparently most-menopausal...
the other half, pre-pubescent.

No, I'm not a veterinarian.
Though I play one on TV.

But it doesn't take a medical expert to know that
we aren't getting any eggs out of these
feathered females.

Actually...I take that back.
We get one egg about every two days.
Someone in the flock is making an effort.
If I knew who it was, I'd give her a prize.

Now let's do the math on that.
We spend a good $30+ on feed every month.
And get about 15 (that's generous) eggs in that same time frame.

I've always been horrible at word problems
but I can quickly calculate that that equals $2 per egg.
And I'm no mathematician.
Though I play one on TV.
But I do believe, last time I checked, that's rather pricey for an egg.

So, to you, my dearest hens,
I do ask that you'd just relax a bit, would you?
Take a moment to look around and see what a great, cushy life
we've provided for you...
and go ahead and do your thing.
You older girls need to mentor the younger ones.
Younger ones, quit being so immature.

Or you all will become the center piece of Sunday supper.

Got it?

Here is Nick practicing his chipping.
And right there in Chippy, our rooster.
(who is happily off the hook regarding this post)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Rooster isn't keeping up with his end of the bargain.

susieloulou said...

They'll start laying like crazy - mark my words. Chickens love longer days :-)
(egg salad uses up a lot of eggs when you are inundated...)

Ann Marie said...

Too funny!

Jennifer said...

Oh my word, you crack me up!!!
Totally hee-hawing over your hen issues. You not alone, my friend at work has a 10 or so hens and she said they went on strike! She says theirs do that every once in a while. So...who knows! :)
Have a great week!
You guys getting storms? Looked like that area was getting hammered. Stay safe! :)

Anonymous said...

Geez...i think chickens take a rest in
the winter months, and like Susie said
start increasing production as it gets
warmer. I couldn't kill my old hens..
they died of old age!, vancouver, wa.

Tesseraemum said...

I want to hear about the conversation you have with Lucy about that yummy chicken dinner!! Ok, Brenden can be in charge of scarring her for life!! HEE

David and Janet Hurley said...

I have no clue about the chickens!
BUT-- I bet you are getting TA today--several are!!!!!!

Jean said...

Haha!! Just put the title together with the post! You are so funny- they better start producing or else!!

I can't believe I am seeing shorts on Nick- oh I wish!!

Spring has not sprung here!

Chris said...

Our hens did that too! You sure they arent eating the eggs? They can be little cannibals

Bryce & Cortney Alvord said...

Friends of ours got rid of their rooster and now they're selling eggs from their 10 hens because they're laying eggs so much. They just didn't like the rooster. :)

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