Monday, April 11, 2011

i heart...


No TA today.

Apparently the Lord sees fit to give me a major lesson
in patience.

So be it.

Do whatcha have to do, Lord.
I need the change.
I do so realize that.

But I hate it.
Oh, how I hate it.

So enough about that.

Here's what happened around here on this
sunny Monday afternoon:

In the mornings while Macy is at her classes and Brenden is in school,
Nick and Lucy are my two at home.
It's fun.

And after I made homemade waffles for Nick,
complete with strawberries and whipped cream, I said to him,
"Nick do you have any idea how cushy
your life is?"

To which he said,
"But Mom, we ran out of Redi Whip!"

Oh my dear sweet son.
Mommy has more.
She always has more.

Then he decorated my phone with it.
I heart teenage boys.

Later in the day,
Lucy thoroughly enjoyed the incredible weather,
while feeding the chickens.

Yes, she does have pants on.
She was in charge of picking out her outfit this morning
and she picked shorts that were too short
for her baby-doll shirt.
Just had to tell you that in case you thought I had no style.
Because I do.

Oh and you'll be so happy to know that our hens are laying eggs now.
Before long we'll have well over a dozen a day.
Come on over for omelets, okay?

I heart French braids.I heart Chinese faces.
Very much.

I heart spring tulips.

I hope your Monday was wonderful as well!


julie said...

Oh Lori, I thought today would be THE day...sorry about the TA. We are playing the waiting game right now, too. It's day 32 waiting on our LOA! Our day will come soon!!

Karin said...

I heart your blog.
I heart your Chinese girls.
I heart your funny teenage boys.
and I heart you.

I don't heart TA's that don't come. Just sayin...

Londa said...

I thought for sure you had your TA. The weekly newsletter said they received three TA's last week and they sent one dossier to China...that would be ours...YAY!! While I pray for our LID to come soon making us eligible for the next WC list of kids I'll be praying that TA of yours shows up. In the meantime keep enjoying life!Love and blessings!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Lucy's hair style! She has one great stylist!:) Hang in there I promise TA is coming! And glad those chickens decided to get in there and do their thing. At least they can earn their keep now.

RJ said...

Hey wait - did you just invite us all over for omelets? Yummy!

Kelly said...

Hi Lori! I am finally making it to your blog. I am so glad that I started my day off here...what a reminder to love all the things around us. Choosing to love the everyday things. I hope you hear some news soon on your two newest loves...what handsome boys!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Your blog was just what I needed to make my day start with a smile!!

Now I am sorry for no TA, like your resolve just wish I could muster some of that up for meeeself right now!

Tony and Rett said...

My Monday was great! Thanks for asking!

Oh, and I'll be by Saturday morning for some delish Waffles and eggs! I mean, seriously. I didn't know you could make waffles from scratch! I thought they only came in the Eggo form! Bah!

Mandi said...

COME ONNNNNN TA!!!! Praying you hear something soon!

Debby said...

Hey girlfriend...who knew that we both HEART many of the same things??!! Amazing!!!

Praying for that TA to show up.....

Cindy said...

Love the french braids and tulips too!

Chris said...

Bummer bout the TA...doesn't it make you worry when God works on the patience dept? Seriously worries me.
Trust you to raise the bar on hair. My sick 8 y.o. is sitting here checking out the blog.."mom how does HER mom get her braids so nice?" Compared her her mom who only gets them nice sometimes.

Holly said...

I love Karin's comment on this one. : ) And I will add that I heart french braids too!! Can't wait until Sarah has some more hair!! : )

David and Janet Hurley said...

Love the braid. Did it often with my now 19yo. How on earth do you do it with the board straight, and slides right out, Chinese hair??
Do you braid it wet, then use a can of hairspray--what's the secret.
Your boys doooo have a cushy life, just wait til they eat college cafeteria food everyday---they will appreciate you then;)

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