Friday, February 18, 2011

scattered {w/ pics and good stuff}

This post is rather scattered.
Which represents well the state of my brain right now.
So really,
nothing is new.
And I'm in no way motivated to put all this in any kind
of logical order.
But, that's what you love most about me, right?

Friday afternoon we had a fabulous visit with my friend Robyn!
And Macy's friend Mia
was there visiting.
It was so fun!

The kids all made Chinese pancakes.
(Robyn...I'm so mad at myself for not getting a pic of
Reed in his goggles cutting up onions. Dang it!)

And as you can see from this pic...
everyone is having a super time except Lucy.
The mood that is clearly apparent on her face was
her attitude de jour.
Precious, isn't she?
Good times await us, come the teen years.

And to jump backwards a day or two,
the weather here has been fabulous.
The very second Nick got his school work done,
he dashed outside with his clubs.
Don't be jealous of our golf-course lawn.

And here's a darling picture of three of the most darling
girls on the planet (my mom, Lucy and me).
Macy was behind the camera, so sadly she wasn't included.
But of course, she's positively darling as well.
And I've overused the word darling, sorry.
And lastly,
but super importantly,

We got our I800 provisional approval for
little Isaiah Jack!

For those of you who don't know what that means,
neither do I.
But I do know that it's one big step closer to traveling.

I think we still have...maybe two months-ish.
I'd love to know others' time frame on this...
email me or leave a comment
with the low-down.

My drawing is coming this evening!!!


Karin said...

I was just having similar thoughts about SaraGrace yesterday as her mood was oh-so-lovely for no apparent reason. *sigh*

As for your gol course lawn, I am jsut jealous that you can see your grass right now. We can almost see ours--but it's supposed to snow again tonight. Dang!

Anonymous said...

We left 51 days after our I800 provisional approval for our Li'l Dude. We did get a quick Article 5 though. But I hear they are speeding those up!

I think 2 months if very realistic!!!

Congratulations!!! Leslie

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