Sunday, February 6, 2011

the police have spongebob {according to lucy}

Mercy be.

It has been Sickville around here this weekend.

Well, Lucy has been my only sick one...
but trust me, one sick Lucy = about a dozen.

And not to mention that I've been trying to get over this
stupid cold that I've had.

But really, she has been feeling SO BADLY.
All my kids (including my adopted ones) ALWAYS bounce
back quickly from any bug they might get.
But this time around,
Lucy-bug's bug has gotten the best of her.

She woke up the other night with a high fever and started
talking in her sleep.

At one point she said,

"The police took my friend SpongeBob away!!"

And there was so much more she said that I deeply
regret not grabbing a pen and writing it all

If she hadn't been so dang sick, we'd have laughed our
britches off over it.

But poor little pumpkin...she's just wiped out.

PLEASE pray that she is better by tomorrow.
I need to take Brenden to finally get his background check/fingerprints
done that I had to put off an entire week because of
the blizzard last week.

And besides all that,
I just want my Sassy Lucy back!


Susan A said...

Praying that the worst of her flu/fever is over and she's on the road to healing, quickly too :)

Rachel said...

praying for her healing right now

Mia said...

Praying for Lucy...I hope she is feeling better soon...cant wait to see you soon...

Jennifer said...

Praying for your little Lucy bug. :)

Karin said...

Poor Lucy!!! Is she any better tonight?! SaraGrace talks in her sleep, too...I'm telling ya, they are peas in a pod. Usually SaraGrace is yelling or saying something like, "you stop it, " or "Leave me alone!" I wonder what the dream doctors would say about that... haha

Holly said...

Poor, sweet baby. :( Praying for that little sassy girl. And for you!

Debby said...

Oh...I hope Lucy is feeling better today. Knock on wood, Jami has never really been sick (yes, she is my SN child) & Lindsi gets sick more often, but mostly just wants to sleep. It's so hard when they are sick, I know how much you just want her better.

Jean said...

I hope she is feeling better soon, poor dear.

I so often wish that I had a pen, too. I always think I will remember but I never do.

Tell Lucy- we paid his bail and spongebob is free!

David and Janet Hurley said...

I'm truly glad that spongebob got arrested, but don't tell Lucy that!
Everyone we run into, has had the worst sickness this year! Maybe we'll get a longer summer for all this torture.
We hope Lucy feels better today!

Lyn said...

I always thought that SpongeBob was a shady character!

Hope your Lucy-bug is feeling better soon. Sick kids are no fun.

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