Monday, February 7, 2011

lucy {the overachiever sick girl}

Well, we got about a third of the way to our destination
to get B's fingerprints done
and Lucy came unglued saying her tummy hurt so bad.

I literally turned around to come home...turned back around
to go ahead and go...then turned back around
to come back home.

I tell ya,
it is SO HARD to tell with this child, just how sick she really is.

But the thermometer sure didn't lie with its numbers.


So around 4:30ish I decided it was time to go to the doctor.
You'd think with all my parenting wisdom I would
know better than to wait so late in the day.

Oh no.
Why would I do that?
That would be oh-so-boring.

Well, the doctor's office insisted we go to the urgent care
at the children's hospital.
(It was a red-alert moment, no doubt. The sirens were probably
blaring when my call came into their office)

When we got there,
it was a rather speedy process.

But filled with drama.

Oh, the drama.

They did a strep test
and a influenza test.

It was a fun-filled occasion.

The earth trembled.
The planets lost their alignment.

Did you feel it?

And worse yet,
she test positive for BOTH.

The doctor was completely surprised.

Not me.
That's my Lucy.
An overachiever in everything she does.

So that was my day.

How was your day?


Anonymous said...

Oh man what horrible luck! Praying the meds kick in quickly and Lucy gets some relief quickly... and mom some rest.

Karin said...

oh crap... I wondered when you said she had a high fever and was throwing up if she had strep. Ryan used to get strep all the time and would throw up over and over. But to have flu on top of it?! The poor kid!!! My doctor explained that the reason Ryan threw up with strep was because of the infection draining into his throat and stimulating the stomach acids--which made him throw up because there wasn't any food in his stomach.
I suppose it was too late for her to get any anti-flu meds?
Did you get a flu shot or are you at risk? Thanks to our heart babies, we all have to get flu shots every year. So worth every penny! :)

Joy said...

I'm so sorry to read she is so sick. We will pray that she feels better soon.


Holly said...

Oh, poor Lucy, and poor Mommy. :( Those days are simply not fun at all. Praying for you all tonight.

Mandie said...

Poor Lucy. Praying she gets well quickly. Sick kids isn't much fun.

Robin said...

Poor kid, she really doesn't do anything halfway. I hope she's back to herself really soon!

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Faye Verquer said...

Sounds a lot like my kids! They don't mess around with just being a little sick they go full blasted totally down and out sick! It stinks being the Mom during these occasions! Especially when you wait to go to the dr. thinking the illness will pass! Typically 1 day with a fever and Im there! I'd rather pay the co-pay than being looked at by the dr like I am an uncaring Mommy!!!

Good luck to you today!

Jennifer said...

Oh no. :( Bless her poor little heart. We'll be praying for Miss Lucy!!! Hang in there momma!

Cari said...

ugh...i don't like fevers! Make sure you tell Lucy this is one thing that she's NOT suppose to share with her sibs or parents!! Praying she feels better soon.

Rachel said...

poor baby! you're close in my prayers today - all of you! hugs!

Debby said...

I hope Miss Lucy feels better real fast & that she keeps this one to herself. Don't get sick!!!!!

megadog said...

I HATE strep. My poor girly had it all last winter and we could not get it under control. This year, no troubles. I feel for her and I feel for you!

Charissa said...

Oh dear...poor Lucy! That is terrible. I hope that she is better soon and no one else gets sick. That stinks about not getting the fingerprints done too. I hope that Lucy is well and the fingerprinting takes place soon!

AfterGirl said...

Oh poor baby, I had strep and the flu together as an adult and have never been sicker!

quilt-n-mama said...

Poor Lucy girl!
We'll be praying for you guys!
Is it snowing there? We are now getting the crazy weather that we have missed most of the winter so we are tucked in a snuggled down for the night with movies, hot chocolate and popcorn!

Chris said...

Eww yuck...
We have only one on the sofa tonite w/ the barfs...hopefully he kept it to himself.

Tracy said...

"But in all seriousness I acutally was serious". BAWAHHAAA!! You crack me up. I so needed this post at the end of my day today! Thank you!

Tracy said...

And I do hope that your little Lucy gets to feeling much better very soon. : )

RamblingMother said...

It is just not fun being sick. Hope she is better soon.

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