Monday, January 3, 2011

we wii!

Yes, that's right.
We have joined the Wii world.

Now, we Wii...a lot.

We've wanted to buy one for the longest time.
We had even gone as far as having
it in our shopping cart...only to put it back on the shelf, not wanting to
spend the money just yet.

But we took the plunge, finally.
And we are so glad we did because we are having so much stinkin' fun
with this thing.

Nothing bonds father and son quite like virtual canoeing.

And nothing makes four sibling laugh more hysterically at each other
like bowling in the living room.

And as for me?
Do I wii?

Oh, do I.

And I'm non too shy to tell you that I'm good.
No, I'm VERY good.

I hold the house record for bowling.
Oh, yes I do.

And even cleaned Nick's clock a couple of times in a 3-point
shooting contest.

So besides the fact that I lost in Jeopardy to my husband
($141,000 to $650),
I declare myself the queen of Wii-ing.

So what if my husband is "virtually" way richer than I am, money-wise.

Who would you say is a more fun person to hang around with?
A Jeopardy champion?
Or a bowling champion?

Oh, yeah...that's right.

Bowling beats brains any day.

Happy Wii-ing everyone!


Karin said...

bahahaha...I would definitely rather hang with you! I loved Wii-ing until the kids scratched all the good games and the only one that works now is the cooking one. COOKING? ugh. No thanks.

Holly said...

LOL! Yeah, it's about time you guys got the Wii! ; )

Rachel said...

You should see Gracie do the ski jumping....FUNNY!

Debby said...

Santa brought us a Wii this year. I'm still trying to set it up....=(

I think I need to call in your

Nancy said... 5 year old granddaughter has the wii fit for kids and it is great. She works out to Dora, Kai Lan and Backyardigans for hours at a time. And so cute to watch her run in place, roll her arms etc.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, half of what's his, is yours! lol
We love our Wii. Got a great deal on it @ Wally World. $199 with a $50 shopping card rebate. :-)

quilt-n-mama said...

I am so behind the times... I have only played Wii once in my life! Hey, go check out my friend, Joanna's blog! You won!!!!

Tesseraemum said...

HAHA! I thought you were going to Ch*na not France! We Wii!!

We are borrowing a Wii this week. Audrey's new name is finger forward because she was having trouble gettin the hang of it! Not now, mind you! She will give you a run for your money on bowling!

Kim said...

My daughter got the Just Dance 2 for the wii and it is so fun! even my little Cate has got some rhythm! I have one more question- I am trying to get myself prepared for school for our newest daughter. I think she is probably in 8th grade? I think you said that you found some ESL worksheets- can you tell me where I might be able to find some? I really want to finish out this school year at home, at least- but what else can I have here for her to do? It's so dumb, we are all in for major adjustments, but schooling is what is stressing me out! Thank you! Love, Kim

Nicole A. said...

Wii is so fun and so addictive! I love all the sports, and the dance revolution is great, too. Embarrassing, but great! We have to have pretty strict rules for Wii time, or else the kids would be on it all the time! Still, it's great to have a game that we all enjoy, and it is a little active, right?!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

DebM said...

WE just entered the wii world too... and I totally rock at wakeboarding. :) Love your blog! Deb

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