Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh, it's fine. it's fine.

I'm working on my post to answer all your
fascinating questions.
Some of you are crazy, btw.

But for now,
I wanted to tell you that Macy and I had a rare
opportunity to go shopping all
by ourselves last night.

We hit Arepostale pretty hard 'cause the sale was amazing.

So as we were walking out the door I said,
"Macy...I'm a little worried that I'm too old to be wearing
Arepostale t-shirts...what do you think?"

"Oh, it's fine. It's fine."

However, that's exactly what she said the other
night at a basketball game when she dropped one of her
nacho chips on the floor, picked it up...starred at it a second,

And said,

"Oh, it's fine. It's fine."

Then ate it.

Soooo, I'm still uncertain about the t-shirts.
But for $3.99 each, I think I'll just live on the edge.


Nancy said...

You are absolutely NOT too old to wear Aeropostal...especially for $3.99. In fact, I may go and I am 62. And why would you think YOUR followers are anything but crazy. We follow your crazy life, right?

Mrs. Gibby said...

Um, I don't wear it b/c I think I'm too old for it. And that was confirmed when our friend's 12 year old was decked out in it (she even said she was wearing aeropostale panties). I can't shop somewhere a 12 year old does.

JR said...

$3.99!!!!!!!! Oh yeah I'd wear them.....and I'm (ever so slightly) older than you. (smile)

♥ you, ♥ your family, ♥ your blog!

Annie said...

Oh yes, I totally wear Aeropostale Tees and sweats! I am a tee shirt and jeans girl and hope I never grow too old to wear them. As long as I don't act like I think I'm a 20 something, and wear the right things on the right occasions, I'll just be who I am!

Laurie said...

No, you are not to old to wear what's hip these day!! You are hip mama!!! =0)

I have a daughter that's like Macy. We were cooking dinner the other night and I dropped some bell pepper on the floor, Hannah picked it up and through it in the pot. I was shocked!! She said, "well it was only on the floor for 10 seconds mom. It's fine."

Blessings friend!

Madeleine said...

DUH., You are fine And you can pull it off!

And we are so americanized, we get scandalized ( myself included) about eating something off the floor. lol. Then we go to any other country and they look at us like we are...american.

My son brought over a friend of his staying at his apartment, who is from Sweden. He thinks we are whacked in the head. :P We are. lol.

Adeye said...

Sweet, sweet girl.

I would LOVE to know how her English is coming along. Just to add a question after I already said that I don't have any :)

Rock those tee's, friend!

Anonymous said...

I love aeropostale clothes ,and I have 5 grandchildren.. my 13 year does also , the younger girls are still in justice but love to look in aeropostale ha ha .. By the way , my European daughter in law thinks we are crazy .. well not us but Americans ,ha ha , maybe us !

Karin said...

I;m almost ashamed to say that I have only darkened the door of Apostale once--in search of a friend who works there. NO wonder I'm not hip!! $3.99 tees....hummm...I might have to brave the additional 1 foot of snow we got today and see if our store is having the same sale. :)

Holly said...

LOL : )

Anonymous said...

Now why didnt you tell us about the 3.99 sale LAST night???

Jennifer said...

$3.99!! You found a ROCKIN sale!!! Strut your stuff! :)

Jean said...

I love the different opinions!

Let's see- what would I do. I would wear them but not all the time/ a lot. I think I would really love them especially under/ with light sweaters and layers!

Okay- I'm not sure how many you bought- 3-4 is good but 10 is too many.

That's my 2 cents! ;-)

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