Monday, December 6, 2010


Lucy loves make-up.

Oh, boy...does she ever.

Shimmery eye shadow goes here....

and a little here.
Whatever you say, Lu Jo.

Oh, you've embarrassed me.

But, the end result is just gorgeous.

And would you look at how filthy dirty that mirror is.
Goodness gracious.
That's the mirror I use to put my make up on.
Well now, that explains a lot.


Jean said...

Good Job Lucy!! You have a future in cosmetics!

I take off my glasses when I look in the mirror- never looked younger!

JR said...

She's a cutie!!

Karin said... look Mahvelous, dawling! Do us a favor and clean that mirror for your mom, will ya?

megadog said...

She looks beautiful! She has a future in the world o' cosmetics.

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