Thursday, December 23, 2010

last day of vacay

We are heading home in a little while.
Thank goodness.

We're having fun but I tell ya, there's something about being with
three teens and a five year old non-stop that just makes
a mom wanna hurl herself off
the cabin balcony.
Don't worry, it's a very short drop.

Anyway, we made it to Silver Dollar City yesterday.
We had such high hopes that it wouldn't be crowded at all
because 75% of Branson is closed right
now because of winter.
But no,
folks from who knows where all came out at the very same
time as us.
It was really disappointing because there were a lot of little shows we
wanted to go see but the lines were ridiculous.
So we just rode a few rides and enjoyed all the billions of lights
and then went back to the cabin.

Here is Lucy waiting in line for Fire in the Hole.
For those of you who have been here, you know what a classic ride this is.
It's an indoor "roller coaster" (very mild) that I've been riding
since I was probably Lucy's age.
She was so excited.

And nervous.
She had a very hard time trying to decide which of us she wanted
to ride with. She changed her mind about a dozen times
during our wait to get on.
She finally decided on Brenden.
Good choice.
No on makes a coaster ride more thrilling than B, as you can imagine.

Then we moved on to the The Teacups.
The three big kids rode together.
As you can see by the blur,
they had that thing spinning so fast it was terrifying.
And don't worry,
that alarming look on Macy's face was her laughing hysterically.

Lucy and I barely rotated our cup of Earl Grey.
It was smooth and easy, just like a giant mug of tea should be.

And the bigs continued until they practically threw up.

So then Kel and Lucy jumped on the Elephant ride.

And here are the teens as they waited.
Just look at 'em.
Pitiful poops.
Couldn't get a smile out of any of them.

Moving on...Nick's mood changed quickly when he rode
The Happy Frogs with Lucy.
Because it is stinkin' fun.
Seriously, this thing bounces you til you're giddy.

The lights here are incredible.
They go crazy wrapping all the trees, buildings, and fences.
There is Christmas music playing
and the entire thing is VERY Christ-centered.
I love this Christian owned theme park so much.

Oh, but I forgot to mention,
it was SOOOO COLD!!!

At this point, Lucy was the crankiest of all the crankies.
Don't you love how her ear muffs have turned
cheek muffs?

But not me.
I'm Miss Perky all the time.
(If any of my family leaves a comment, ignore it)

We'll be home soon!

Can't wait for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Lori..just want you to know how uplifting your sense of humor is to me!...your comment about "hurling" yourself off the balcony just had me cracking up at 5:00 am here in the Pacific NW...also the one of your cup of Earl Grey barely moving!!
Thank you for sharing your family adventures. Safe travels home and Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. ps..would love to see a pic of your now big fluffy puppy. mm from vancouver, wa.

JR said...

OMGoodness - that looks like fun!! I ♥ SDC!! But have never been there at Christmas - it sounds wonderful!

So glad that you all enjoyed your mini-vacay. I enjoyed it also - between the sweet pics and your comical commentary (cheek muffs??!!!) was fun for me too! Thanks for sharing!

Safe travels! And Merry Christmas from Durango CO!!

Patty said...

Well of course you are always perky.....pshhhh to those who would say otherwise! Merry Christmas friend!

Christa said...

We recently went on the very same trip! We loved it! I have been a very bad blogger for quite some time but you inspired me to get my rear in gear and blog about our trip. Thanks!

Looks like you all had a great time!!!! I am a silent follower but I really enjoy your blog!!

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