Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a fun filled day {SO fun!}

What a day, ya'll.


First, I stormed through my house to get it clean and tidy
after my wrap-a-thon and other goings-on.
I had forgotten how great it
is to have freshly clean toilets.
It really is a mountain-top experience.
I'm still feeling the rush.

the girls and I went to lunch with some new special friends.
Apparently, I've had a blog stalker for some time who is almost
in my back yard.
Her name is Robyn and she's way cool.
It's always a good day when your stalker turns out
not to be a crazy loon.
Yeah, that's always good.

Isn't she cute?!

And to boot, she is dear friends with, Mia, a gal from Macy's orphanage
who is in the US (Washington) going to college.
Mia is staying with Robyn's family for the holidays.

Anyway, Robyn's clan is such a fun family.
And we plan to get together hopefully on a regular basis
so our older girls (their new daughter Cate is 10) can
become friends and keep their Chinese fresh.

Oh and six year old Reed (who is also from Macy's orphanage)
is the male equivalent to Lucy.
They were both packed with energy...and personality.
Reed and Macy...two of the three Luoyang kids at our gathering.
Is it obvious that he was completely smitten with her?
From the moment he laid eyes on her,
the flirting began.
So cute!
And how 'bout that smile?! Have you ever?

Did you catch ALL the details of our connections?
only God alone could have brought us all together,
and boy, am I glad He did.

And Mia is the sweetest girl.
I'm so thankful that she is here visiting
and that we got to spend a little time with her.

once we got home, we loaded the car up and
headed for a quick trip to Branson, MO.
We wanted to use our season passes Silver Dollar City one last time
and to see the incredible CHRISTmas display that they
put on every year.

We are staying in the CUTEST little log cabin.

I feel like the Ingles.

It's the greatest.
As long as I have running water and my internet,
I could live like this forever.
Especially since there is a Wal Mart about five minutes away.

Yes, it's Little House on the Prairie in every way.

The K-man starting a fire in our rustic little cabin.
With the help of the children, of course.
They're so precious.

Now that was a day.


Karin said...

Well, that is just so cool that you have a new friend! Don't be forgetting your other blog stalker friends, though. Hee! Enjoy your Little House cabin (how rude that the internet is too slow for you to upload fabulous pics of the day).

Jerry and Christy said...

Love the pictures. Glad you were able to upload them.

Karin said...

Well, I'm back to post a comment on those fabulous pics! :) Such CUTE kids...and that little boy is ooh-so-handsome for Lucy, dontcha think? Cracking up over the kids helping K-man...hahahahaha.

Kathy said...

Great pics! How wonderful for Lucy to have
a buddy who can keep up with her! He is
adorable. The flirting... oh how could you
resist that smile and dimples!?! I have to
agree with Karin. CUTE kids! Love K-man's
helpers. LOL!

Tiffany said...

Now that's the way to start a fire! Pester Dad till flames shoot out his ears. Sounds just like our bunch!

What a blessing to get to hang with another wonderful family. God certainly did work some strings to pull you all together.

Anonymous said...

So is the young lady that is in college adopted ? If not how did she get to come here as a student? ENJOY your trip!

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