Thursday, November 18, 2010

my little doggy

Oh my word, you guys.

You won't believe what I did this morning.
I am just sick to my stomach thinking about it.

I ran over my dog.


My little tiny 10-year old Pomeranian, Charlie.

I was backing out of the garage to take Macy to her math class.
I was going really slow because I saw our big dog.
As soon as I saw that he was out of the way, I went a little farther
back and....felt that I had hit something.

My doggy.

I cannot believe I did that.

And the strangest thing is,
just yesterday Lucy was telling me she never wanted
any of her dogs to die.

Really, she did.

I still haven't told her what happened.
And I'm not sure I have the heart to.


And Nick was so NOT upset (he really didn't like that yippy dog),
he told me that he was going to get some
chalk and draw a little doggy outline on the driveway/crime scene.

He's so disturbed.

Only one of my boys would think of such a thing.


Nancy said...

Oh, Lori. Please don't beat yourself up over this. It happens. Now he is in doggy heaven.

Stefanie said...

Oh gosh.. it died? Yikes!! Soo sorry for your little doggy!

Ann Marie said...

This happened to me as a child. Same mom was watching out for the big dog and hit the little dog...while racing out the driveway to get my sister off to camp. It is so heartbreaking.

Jerry and Christy said...

So sorry! It's a hard thing to lose a pet especially that way. Hope Lucy is okay when she finds out.

Rachel said...

Oh friend, I'm sorry!!! :(

Karin said...

Oh Lori...I am so sorry. I can't imagine how you must feel.

And the chalk boys would say the same thing.

Jean said...

Oh My Lori- I am so sorry. I feel terrible for you

BUT Nick helped me get over it real quick! That kid is funny in a dry sorta way!

Buy her a stuffed animal! Okay, I'm sorry!

Melissa said...

I am sorry. Two yrs ago my husband ran over our dog it was awful. He felt so bad. So I feel your pain. I hope Lucy takes it okay. We bought a book from a christian book store and read it to our daughter and it did help.

Carla said...

Oh, Lori, how I wish I could say, "I can't imagine what you are going through...." but I do. I ran over our dog when I was about 8 months pregnant with our first son. I blamed it on my 'motherly' hormones, but I was so emotional about it. For days, (okay - weeks), I replayed the event in my head, thinking if I would have only done this, or if I wouldn't have done that, the dog would still be okay. Thankfully, my son was born a few weeks later, my heart was filled with way more love than I could imagine, and I was like, "What dog??" (Okay, not really - the first stuffed animal we got our son was an adorable puppy - fondly named after 'the dog'.)

Robin said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry. Be gentle with yourself as you process all this. I hope telling Lucy goes alright.

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Gina said...

Oh, I'm really sorry. We've never had a dog, but I did run over the cat.

Tony and Rett said...

I'm so sorry! I would be a mess...

I hope you all are ok!

Holly said...

Oh, so sad!

Learning Together at Home said...

Oh I am sick with you. I'm so sorry! I actually put my son's first kitten in the washing machine by accident (it was napping in a pile of dark clothes and it was black and white). It survived, we rushed it to the Vet (late at night). Mega bills and it died the next day. Standing in the vet office watching my kids sob over that kitty. Oh I felt sick. It happens. And to be totally honest it has helped our kids deal with the loss of older great grandparents and members of our church family. I will be praying.

And Nick...? That turkey. ;)

Janet and Kevin said...


I am so sorry for you all. That's very sad.

Janet and gang

Sally-Girl! said...

This same thing happened to me with all my kids in the car many years ago but I still feel like it was yesterday when I think about it. I only came home to let the puppy out to go potty and give him a treat between errands. I put him in the house and somehow he got out as I was shutting the door and didn't know it. I will NEVER forget that feeling. It was horrible! Our family literally had to leave town for a few days as I was so sick to my stomach. I just needed away. I am so sorry for you!

Tesseraemum said...

Aww, Sorry.

Hezra said...

so sorry about the dog! I ran over a cat once like that, and felt SO sick to my stomach!! But had to keep it together because I had kids in the car! You boys are like older versions of mine! lol, that is just what Elijah would say. SO funny. Yeah kinda warped but funny nonetheless! Hey, my mom ran over a duck at our place when I was a teen... lol, then we find it when we got home from school. She was swatting our dog with a newspaper for killing the third duck, when my brother saw tire tracks on its poor flattened neck.... she spent an evening repenting to a dog. Eating crow. Not duck.

Wife of the Pres. said...

I did this too. Our little dog Lucy *I swear that was her name* was like our first baby. She WAS our first baby, who am I kidding?

Anyway, I had just returned from picking up our youngest son (at the time) from preschool. I knew Lucy, also 10 at the time, was out of our house b/c she had run out when I opened the garage to leave. I couldn't track her down and I was mad at her when I left.

That was the worst part. I left on bad terms with her and then ran over her. Same thing as you--I felt a bump. At the time, our son J was about 2 and he said, "Mommy what that noise?"

I knew instantly. I was so distraught. I called my Dad b/c I fell apart. Thankfully he got there in minutes and helped me. I had already picked her up, called the vet who was kind but basically said there was nothing he could do. Lucy weighed all of about 8 lbs.

Anyway, I will tell you that I have never gotten over it. I still am ashamed to admit it. If it has taught me nothing else: I am HYPER-vigilant about checking to see where all of our children are (and the neighbors' grandchildren if they are in town) before I leave the house on the weekend sans children. If they're not all buckled in the van with me, I have to have my eyes on them--even my 12YO much to his chagrain.

I am so sorry Lori for this happening to you. I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Kathy said...

I am so sorry.

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